Hair, Skin & Home care products based on Ayurvedic First Principles. 100% Herbs, 100% Honest.


Welcome to Krya’s All Natural, Whole Herb, Grain and Organic Cold Pressed Oil based Ayurvedic skin, hair and home care goodies.

Every product here is made with love, care, attention & reverence by our dedicated team of Krya Employees at the Krya factory. We make every single product from organic or forest collected whole Ayurvedic herbs, organic grain and lentils, and organic cold-pressed plant oils and butters.

All of Krya’s products are free from SLS, SLeS, Parabens, Fragrances, Thickeners and ANY kind of SYNTHETIC additives.

To minimise our ecological footprint Krya products are sold either in oil format or as a choornam (powder). This helps us stay away from using synthetic preservatives, helps naturally extend our products shelf life and also helps us avoid bulky plastic packaging.

The Krya factory is PROUDLY Chemical & synthetics free.

We formulate each Krya product to be environmentally sustainable, kind on teh planet, safe for human beings, and animals, with a minimal ecological footprint. All Krya products are biodegradable and compostable and support life. They are packaged in recyclable packaging.

The waste water generated after using our home care, skin care and hair care products can be easily and safely recycled and harvested into your grey water system.

The residue from our detergents can be directly used to water your plants.

Krya products are safe, toxin free, completely natural, vegan and cruelty free. We hope you enjoy exploring and using our goodies!