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We’re super excited about our new launch – Ayurvedic Make up cleansers.  Check the link below to explore our new make up cleansing oils 👇🏽 👇🏽 👇🏽 

Winter Care blog posts

krya blog - winter skin care guide
Early Winter (Hemanta) skin care routine
Hemanta ritucharya guidelines
Seasonal Guidelines (Ritucharya) for a Healthy Winter (Hemanta)
The importance of ayurvedic Ritucharya
The Importance of Ritucharya (Ayurvedic Seasonal living guidelines)

Ayurvedic Facial Cleansers & Skin care routines for different needs

simple and efefctive ayurvedic skincare routine by krya
3 Step Ayurvedic skincare Routine for healthy, beautiful skin
Kumkumadi tailam - demystifying
Does Kumkumadi tailam suit all skin types?
ayurvedic acne treatment - blog post by krya
Holistic Acne Healing with Ayurveda
Krya Classic Facial skin balancing system: holistic skincare for oily skin
Oily skin care with Ayurveda
Krya After Sun Face Lepa:
Evens complexion, hydrates & soothes tanned & pigmented skin
After Sun Care with Ayurveda
Ayurvedic mens skincare basics
Men's skincare basics

Natural Hair Colour Series

Natural black hair colour
Single step Indigo based colours - quick coverage, less greys
Krya Dwii 2 Step Hair Colour
Double Step Indigo based colour - long lasting coverage, high greys
Madyantika Red natural hair colour
Henna Based colours: Tints & Conditions Hair, Acts as Base step to Single Step colours
Classic plus hair mask - product
Natural hair colour support products
Krya YT video - how to use the natural hair colour
How to use the Krya natural Hair colour: A Video Demo
Natural herbs and colours are safe for hair
How to transition to a natural colour - Blog Post

Premature Greying Series

Krya classic hair oil for oily scalp and premature greying
Krya Classic Hair Oil - For Oily scalp + moderate premature greying
Classic Plus hair oil
Krya Classic Plus Hair Oil - for High Premature Greying + Hair thinning
Krya harmony hair oil
Krya Harmony hair oil - anxiety and trouble falling asleep + premature greying or oiliness

Stress Based Hairfall Series

Krya Intense Abhyanga oil is an intensely vata pacifying abhyanga oil
Krya Intense Abhyanga Oil : For Mini, Pada and Full Abhyanga for Post Partum Women
Krya Classic Abhyanga Oil : Mix with Intense Abhyanga Oil for Mini, Pada and Full Abhyanga for Pitta dominant prakriti
Krya baby oil - much better alternative to olive oil for baby massage
Krya Pushti Massage Oil: Recommended for post partum women in case of extreme weakness and fatigue. Mix 50:50 with Intense Abhyanga Oil
Krya Damage Repair hair Oil
The secret to healthy hair: ayurvedic head oiling and how it can help arrest post partum hair loss, improve hair quality and leave your hair and scalp balanced and healthy
Classic plus hair mask - product
The better shampoo: or why ditching your synthetic shampoo+conditioner can save your hair. Krya explains.
How Stress can lead to hairfall: a detailed post on the effects of stress on your hair and how you can help yourself
Krya Classic hair nourishing system is a 3 part hair system that cleanses, unclogs the scalp, and provides balanced nourishment to oily pitta prone hair
Krya Classic Hair System: For hair that is straight, thin / silky strands, oily scalp, with premature greying. Balances Pitta, cuts down excess sebum, improves hair growth.
Krya Conditioning hair hydrating system is a 3 part system to cleanse, nourish and hydrate dry, frizzy vata dominant hair
Krya Conditioning Hair System: For dry, frizzy hair or curly hair. Balances Vata dosha, helps nourish scalp, combats dryness, imporves hair growth
Krya Damage repair hair system
Krya Damage repair Hair system: For super dry, extremely curly or chemically treated hair that has poor hair growth, extreme dryness, split ends. Nourishes, rejuvenates and restores healthy hair growth
Classic Plus hair oil
Krya Classic Plus Hair oil: For aggravated Pitta dosha with high premature greying or hair thinning. Helps balance extremely aggravated Pitta dosha
Krya harony hair oil is designed to calm and sooteh teh brian - useful in stress related hairfall & high anxiety
Krya harmony hair oil: For Pitta based stress. Helps if you have anger management issues, are unable to shut down, or wake up during your sleep
krya kshema hair oil
Krya Kshema hair oil: For vata based stress. Helps if you are a worrier, have anxiety issues and find it hard to fall asleep

Abhyanga Snana Series

What are the benefits of a regular Abhyanga Snana? How does it help us achieve our wellness , hair and skin goals? Read on for more here.
Krya Classic Abhyanga Oil : suits those who are overall healthy, those with high pitta dominance in prakriti (body gets hot very easily), and those with moderate exercise and moderate build
Krya Intense Abhyanga oil is an intensely vata pacifying abhyanga oil
Krya Intense Abhyanga oil for high Vata aggravation (suits post partum women, runners, heavy exercisers and those with high stiffness and joint pain)
Krya baby oil - much better alternative to olive oil for baby massage
Krya Pushti (traditional) Baby massage oil - recommended for babies & kids with healthy skin. Also suggested for weak, emaciated adults to build strength
An introduction to Ayurvedic baby massage - blog post
Krya Ubtans and bodywashes for Udwartana
Krya Intense Women's Ubtan: Cleanses Skin, Removes excess Oil, Strongly Balances aggravated Vata, Warming + Pain relieving
Krya Men's Classic ubtan
Krya Men's Classic ubtan : Formulated for Men's skin with pitta + vata aggravation. Cleanses skin, removes excess oils, balances Pitta + vata.
Krya Intense Ubtan for Men 200 gm
Krya Men's Intense Ubtan: Formulated to use with Intense Abhyanga Oil. Cleanses, removes excess oil, pacifies vata, warming + pain relief