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Here are the links to this week’s Abhyanga Snana series. DM us if you cant find something you are looking for ❤️

What are the benefits of a regular Abhyanga Snana? How does it help us achieve our wellness , hair and skin goals? Read on for more here.
Krya Classic Abhyanga Oil : suits those who are overall healthy, those with high pitta dominance in prakriti (body gets hot very easily), and those with moderate exercise and moderate build
Krya Intense Abhyanga oil is an intensely vata pacifying abhyanga oil
Krya Intense Abhyanga oil for high Vata aggravation (suits post partum women, runners, heavy exercisers and those with high stiffness and joint pain)
Krya baby oil - much better alternative to olive oil for baby massage
Krya Pushti (traditional) Baby massage oil - recommended for babies & kids with healthy skin. Also suggested for weak, emaciated adults to build strength
An introduction to Ayurvedic baby massage - blog post
Krya Classic women's ubtan
Krya Classic Women's Ubtan: Cleanses, Removes excess oil, Balances pitta + vata Dosha
Krya Ubtans and bodywashes for Udwartana
Krya Intense Women's Ubtan: Cleanses Skin, Removes excess Oil, Strongly Balances aggravated Vata, Warming + Pain relieving
Krya Men's Classic ubtan
Krya Men's Classic ubtan : Formulated for Men's skin with pitta + vata aggravation. Cleanses skin, removes excess oils, balances Pitta + vata.
Krya Intense Ubtan for Men 200 gm
Krya Men's Intense Ubtan: Formulated to use with Intense Abhyanga Oil. Cleanses, removes excess oil, pacifies vata, warming + pain relief
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