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The Pitta Prakriti Skin : normal to oily

Ayurveda classifies all of us as per our dominant dosha. All of us are made up of a unique combination of doshas which is determined at conception, and is further bolstered by the food we eat, the lifestyle we maintain and the place we live in.

Pitta dominant prakriti (constitution) is characterised by skin that is normal - oily.  This skin tends have a prominent T zone, with the occurence of pimples especially around the periods or after rich oily food. Pitta type skin also tends to get flushed easily in heat or after sun exposure, amd can easily develop heat based skin conditions like prickly heat or rashes which are reddish and slightly inflammed and warm to touch. 

Normal to Oily skin (Pitta prakriti) also tends to have pronounced body odour due to the action of Pitta dosha. Sweating is generally high in this Prakriti and Summer is when the excesses of Pitta is at its worst. So in summer you may notice a heightening of oiliness,  heat rashes, high sweating and strong body odour.

Why a synthetic facewash or a soap worsens oiliness of Pitta Prakriti (Normal - Oily) Skin: 

The primary constituent of a synthetic facewash is the surfactant SLS, or SLeS. Skin care products designed for normal - oily skin contain a higher amount of surfactants in the mistaken belief that oiliness in the skin should be aggressively removed and dried out for hair health. SLS and SLES dissolve your skin's sebum layer and strip skin of all its natural oils leaving you with dry skin and hair.


“The lathering power of liquid soaps is actually an enemy. It can bubble the oil out of your skin” says Dr. Marianne O’Donoghue, associate professor of dermatology at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center and spokeswoman for the American Academy of Dermatology.


Pitta prakriti skin and hair (normal - oily hair) reacts aggressively to this systematic stripping of sebum.  The excessive harshness of this product usually forces a defensive skin reaction where the skin and scalp starts to aggressively produce sebum to make up for the loss. Therefore your skin's sebum production is usually unbalanced and tending towards excessive oiliness. 

In time, with imbalance of the sebacaous glands and unchecked Pitta dosha, you will find that your skin ages much more rapidly especially in areas where sebum production is generally low , like your laugh lines and around the eyes.

Why soaps and deodorants do not work very well on Pitta type skin?

The Ayurvedic texts list out the large and small orifices in the body in great detail and also enumerate the mala (impurities) that accumulate as a part of normal wear and tear from the dhatus in these orifices. Moisture of the tongue, eyes, mouth, excretions of the eyes, ears tongue, teeth, axilla, genitals, pimples, greasiness of facial skin, sweda (sweat) , sebum secretions of kesha (hair) are all mala from the dhatus (tissues).


If this mala is not removed periodically, especially in seasons where the mala can increase, the body loses its health and appearance of well being. It is only by thorough cleaning these minute pores, and removing debris and dead cells that could clog these channels, can the body be truly clean. The Mala or toxins from many organ systems find their way to our Skin. From the skin, they are released outside through the outpouring of Sweda or sweat. Sweda contains Mala from the body in the form of oil, debris, dead cells, vapour or gases and debris of micro flora or the small organisms that live on us. This is generated everyday as we sleep through the normal process of cell and organ system repair and regeneration.


To cleanse this Mala from the Skin, the Ayurvedic texts recommend using a specific combination of lentils, grains and specific herbs that suit each kind of prakriti. The action of this cleansing product is extremely subtle – unlike a synthetic soap, the Ayurvedic Snana product opens up the pores of the skin, encouraging the removal of Mala through the srotas of the skin. The most minute pores of the skin are gently encouraged to open up and this opening action helps suck out Mala which adheres to the Ayurvedic ubtan as it cleanses the skin. Finally when the skin is rinsed with water, the entire body is left feeling refreshed, lighter, deep cleansed and ready for the new day.


The Krya Classic skin range: ideal companion for Normal - Oily , Pitta prakriti skin
The Krya Classic skin range is an ideal set of products for Pitta Prakriti skin. we formulate this range with several detoxifying, deep cleansing and pitta balancing herbs. For example, we use cooling, cleansing and astringent herbs like organic Rose, Organic Vetiver and forest collected Indian sarsaparilla. These 3 herbs , besides their skin nourishing effects are renowned for their pitta balancing ability and help deep clean and balance excess Pitta with regular use.

The Krya Classic Bodywash makes an ideal body cleansing product for Pitta prone skin and is far better for skin compared to any synthetic soap. Besides deep but gentle cleansing, this product is extermely effective at controling the strong and intense body odour that is characteristic of Pitta constitution. The herbs used in the product work specifically to control this body odour and leave the skin feeling fresh and clean smelling for much longer compared to a synthetic soap.

Unlike synthetic skin care products that are designed fornormal to oily skin, the Krya range of Classic skin care products do not strip skin of its natural sebum barrier. They instead work intimately with the skin and help balance oil secretion naturally. so you will find that your skin does not have a yo-yo oiliness effect and stays much more balanced, clean and fresh for longer.  You will also find that with regular use and a clean diet, your skin will be less prone to breakouts and other pitta excess skin issues. 

The Krya Classic Skin Oil is an excellent substitute to your synthetic moisturiser. It contains sebum balancing and astringent herbs, oils and fruits like the Pineapple and is a great way to nourish skin without altering its sebum balance. 

We have lots of product options and systems available for Normal to Oily skin listed in this page. To understand how you can use each product effectively, what herbs it contains and the provenance of these herbs, please read the individual product page.


Great skin is strongly linked to what you eat and how you live:

Good skin that functions well is linked very strongly to what we eat and how we live. Skin and hair are sensitive systems that usually show our stresses and our junky eating very fast. Please read the Krya blog for suggestions on a good diet to follow for Pitta prakriti and good health giving practices that can help balance your doshas. 




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Normal - Oily skin (Pitta type)

Normal - Oily skin (Pitta type)

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5 Item(s)