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Krya Creamy Colour Strengthening Hair Mask with Marigold & Moringa (100 gm)


Krya Natural Hair Colour - Dwii (2-Step Color , Midnight Black Shade)

Krya Classic Plus (formerly Vibrant) Hair Oil (100 ml)

Quick Overview

Ayurveda recommends frequent and generous oiling of hair to nourish it, maintain its health, promote hair growth and cool down excess Pitta in the body. This is especially important if you have high premature greying and would like to colour your hair to mask this greying. 

In cases of Pitta prakriti or Pitta aggarvation, we normally suggest the Krya Classic Hair oil. But in many cases, Pitta aggravation is extremely high due to a dominant Pitta prakriti or high Pitta aggravation. In cases of high Pitta aggravation , we see high premature greying, hair thinning and conditions like male / female pattern balding etc . There may also be a tendency towards migraines, anger management issues and other classical signs of high Pitta aggravation. 



The Krya Classic Plus hair oil: designed to work with HIGH pitta aggravated hair to restrore its thickness, texture, and growth

The Krya Classic Plus hair oil is a potent Pitta balancing hair oil. It is swifter and quicker in its action on aggravated Pitta compared to the Krya classic hair oil. We use classical Pitta balancing herbs in their concentrated and most potent form of Swarasa. We also use Pitta balancing barks in their Kashaya form and sweet, nurturing and growth promotng herbs as kalpa (wet ayurvedic herb paste).

All the herbs used are either cultivated organic or are forest gathered. All oils are cold pressed from organic cultivated seeds or forest collected seeds. 

With regular use, the Pitta in the head is well reined in . The user feels calmer, and more balanced. Hair growth is improved and premature greying and thinning is reduced. .  A complete list of herbs with their provenance is given below.

This is a 100 ml pack. All of Krya's products are vegan & cruelty-free and do NOT contain any synthetic or animal origin ingredients

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Why you should oil your hair regularly:

Krya advocates frequent oil massages for your hair as an important part of a healthy hair regimen. This follows classical Ayurvedic tradition which advocates the abhyanga as a way to regain good health. Generous and frequent oil application on your hair comes with many wonderful benefits. Besides improving the texture and health of your hair, frequent oiling keeps your scalp’s sebum levels in balance, improves circulation in the scalp, deep cleans your scalp and lifts dead cells and dirt, and stimulates the roots. 

For naturally coloured hair: Hair and scalp must be oiled generously before every wash. In addition, scalp oiling twice a week helps stimulate natuarl and healthy hair growth. 



How the Krya Classic Plus Hair Oil is made:

The Krya Classic Plus Hair Colour Hair Oil, like all our Hair & Skin Oils & serums, is made using a classical 3-part Ayurvedic method combining Taila (oil), Kashayam (Aqueous Extract) and Kalpa (paste) .This is a method unique to Indian traditional medicine, where the nutrients inside herbs are extracted in both water and oil - this ensures that every part of the herb is extracted into the oil, giving you an oil which is both powerful and "sookshma" (capable of penetrating even the minute cells). This process alone takes us between 6 - 8 hours of constant manual stirring to ensure the oil maintains a perfect consistency and the herbs do not get burned.


After processing the base oil and base herbs, we further add raw, cold pressed, organic oils and let the herbs steep for more time to ensure their nutrient properties are fully transferred to the oil. This cold infusion process takes us a further 7 days - so every batch of oil takes us 8 days to manufacture. At the end of the hot processing and the cold infusion process, the texture of the oil changes and the oil is extremely different from its basic nature - so even though heavy oils like sesame and coconut are used, the end oil is much lighter, less sticky and penetrates hair and scalp much faster than the base oil. 



What goes into the Krya Classic Plus Hair Colour Hair Oil: 

Herb Infused Oil: Organic Indian Gooseberry, Organic Yellow Eclipta, Organic Curry Leaf, Organic Bottle gourd, Indian Madder, Organic Henna, Organic Indigo, Organic Fenugreek, Indian Liquorice, Alkanet (Ratanjot), Hibiscus flower, Cold pressed organic oil (Coconut oil, Sesame Oil, Kokum butter, Apricot Oil, Tamanu oil)


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Name Krya Classic Plus (formerly Vibrant) Hair Oil (100 ml)
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