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Krya Intense Hairfall Growth Promoting System (Save Rs.145)

Quick Overview

The Krya Intense Hairfall Growth Promoting system is a combination pack that contains one piece each of the following three products

    1. The Krya Intense Hair Oil ( 50 ml)

    2. The Krya Intense Hair Wash powder ( 100 g)

    3. The Krya Intense Hair Mask Powder ( 100 g)


When used as a system, the powderful Ayurvedic herbs in these 3 products help nourish your scalp and hair and promote healthy growth. The system has been designed to support hair and scalp facing intense hair fall after extreme illness, surgeries or long use of medication. For simpler hair issues, you may use one of Krya's other hair systems.


This system has a MRP of Rs 1000 , which gives you a saving of Rs 145/- when compared to buying these 3 products individually. All Krya products are vegan & cruelty-free. This product is eligible for free-shipping across India

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  1. The Krya Intense Hairfall growth promoting system is a 3 part system designed to nourish, revitalise, strengthen and boost healthy hair growth for severely falling hair. This hair system is meant for severe hairfall that is due to certain illnesses , post surgery hair fall, radiation and chemotherapy and long term medication. 

    1. The Krya Intense Hair Oil is a a unique formulation of 22 herbs  including Ratanjot, Ashwagandha,Liqorice, Wheat, Ash Gourd , Bottle Gourd, Brahmi & Bhringraj . These herbs are processed in the base of organic, cold-pressed coconut oil, sesame oil, apricot oil & kokum butter. All these herbs have been chosen after extensive research on the documented causes of hairfall in Ayurveda and help balance specific vitiated doshas. The oil also contains herbs that are documented to stimulate hair growth and this is useful specially when hairfall is due to high medication or illness related causes when the body is unable to function normally. 

    2. The Krya Intense Hair wash uses a different mixture of herbs compared to our other hairwash products. In cases of severe hairfall, the hair roots are extremely weak leading to hairfall even with slight tugging or combing. Therefore our hairwash is sifted very fine and contains a high proportion of hair nourishing and conditioning herbs.

    3. The Krya Intense Hair Mask uses powerful hair growth promoting herbs like Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Haritaki and Guava that promote healthy, strong rooted hair. We have used strongly conditioning herbs like deep red Hibiscus flowers & Yashtimadhu which restore the hair's cuticular structure and promote healthy shine and natural conditioning.

  2. Intense hairfall triggered by illnesses requires overall balance and restoration of the body back to health. If you are recovering from a surgery , or intensive treatments like radiation and chemotherapy, give your body atleast 6 - 8 months to recover completely from the stress. Support your body in the meantime with high quality, freshly prepared meals using organic ingredients. Have carefully chosen amounts of organic dairy like grass fed cow ghee and eliminate further chemical or synthetic exposure in your personal care products. Ensure you support your recovery with a carefully planned diet that contains adequate amount of proteins, B vitamins, timely rest, and a good internal detoxification regimen. Please read the Krya blog for more suggestions.

  3. Read our detailed blog post here for 27 ideas on diet and lifestyle to help with managing PCOD http://bit.ly/27ideasPCOD

  4. All of Krya's products are vegan & cruelty-free and do NOT contain any synthetic or animal origin ingredients.




Additional Information

Name Krya Intense Hairfall Growth Promoting System (Save Rs.145)
Ingredients This Krya Intense Hair System consists of 3 products

1. Krya Intense Hair Oil 50 ml
2. Krya Intense Hair Wash powder 100 gm
3. Krya Intense Hair Mask Powder 100 gm

( You can also buy each of the above products individually)
Weight 300.0000

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  1. Excellent range for chemically treated hairs review by Bindu on 4/11/19

    I ordered this product for my mother who had gone under chemotherapy and raidiation after which hair was totally gone .
    After that i had been struggling to get something which can rebuilt and rejuvenate hair back but in vain had tried multiple products but no result also my mom had gone through low self esteem due to less hair and look older than her age .
    Then one day i came across this site 1st i would say my hats off to the research team .
    I have been fond of ayurveda and after reading thr the product range and explanation of vata and pita rise after treament gave me confidence to try this product . So mom tried it and we had seen incredible result . hair hair regrow started and even one one hair strand necame thick and looked healthier than before .
    My Lots Of Best Blessing to the whole kyra team and admins . keep this acient work on forever

  2. A good system for Hair nourishment. review by Jinali on 10/24/17

    I ordered this entire system for my hair and well it is really good. I loved the hair wash and also the mask . The oil is very very light and non sticky and has so many herbs in them . I have been applying the oil everyday and my hair texture is very different now . I love this system and I am devoted to using krya hair care products from now on.

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