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  • Krya Natural anti lice hair oil Krya Natural anti lice hair oil

Krya Fragrant Ubtan for Kids (Girl) 200 gm


Krya Natural Anti-Lice Hair Wash (100 gm) -Lemon Eucalyptus & Curry Leaf

Krya Natural Anti-Lice Hair Oil (50 ml) - with Thyme & Tamanu

Quick Overview

  • The Krya Natural Anti-Lice Hair Oil is a unique formualtion of natural insect-repelling, bitter, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal herbs like Thyme & Tamanu

  • It works by incapacitating the lice and helps easy removal of the lice and nits with a fine-toothed lice comb

  • It cools the scalp and reduces the irritation caused by the lice.

  • It is a natural product made with 100% forest collected and organically cultivated herbs processed in cold-pressed oils

  • This is a 50 ml pack.

  • All of Krya's products are vegan & cruelty-free and do NOT contain any synthetic or animal origin ingredients

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The benefits of the Krya Natural Anti-Lice Hair Oil

  • The Krya Natural Anti-Lice Hair Oil is made from a unique formulation of natural, insect - repelling, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal herbs. The herbs in this oil incapacitate the lice and helps easy removal of lice and nits with a fine-toothed lice comb
  • The Krya Natural Anti-Lice Hair Oil is also formulated to soothe the scalp irritation caused by lice infestations. It also cools the scalp.
  • It is a completelty natural product made which is absolutely safe for use on children.
  • This product also works effectively is helping to remove lice & nits in adults as well.

How the Krya Natural Anti-Lice Hair Oil is  manufactured :

  • The Krya Natural Anti-Lice Hair Oil is made using a classical 3-part Ayurvedic method combining Taila ( oil ) , Kashayam ( Aqueous Extract ) and Kalpa ( paste) .This is a method unique to Indian traditional medicine, where the nutrients inside herbs are extracted in both water and oil - this ensures that every part of the herb is extracted into the oil, giving you an oil which is both powerful and "sookshma" (capable of penetrating even the minute cells). This process alone takes us between 6 - 8 hours of constant manual stirring to ensure the oil mainatins a perfect consistency and the herbs do not get burned.
  • After processing the base oil and base herbs, we further add raw, cold pressed , organic oils and let the herbs steep for more time to ensure their nutrient properties are fully transferred to the oil. This cold infusion process takes us a further 7 days - so every batch of oil takes us 8 days to manufacture. At the end of the hot processing and the cold infusion process, the texture of the oil changes and the oil is extremely different from its basic nature - so even though heavy oils like sesame and coconut are used, the end oil is much lighter, less sticky and penetrates hair and scalp much faster than the base oil. 

Additional Information

Name Krya Natural Anti-Lice Hair Oil (50 ml) - with Thyme & Tamanu
Ingredients What goes into the Krya Natural Anti-Lice Hair Oil Herb Infused Oil: Forest collected & organically cultivated Thyme, Neem , Krishna Tulasi, Rama Tulasi, Vana Tulasi, Lemongrass, Citriodora , Citronella, Vitex Negundo, Accacia Concinna, Acorus Calamus, Triphala & Rosemary processed in cold pressed and organic oils of Sesame, Coconut & Tamanu. Base Oils - Organic cold pressed Coconut Oil ,Organic cold pressed Tamanu Oil & Organic cold pressed Apricot Oil
Weight 50.0000

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  1. Kudos to you!! review by Smita on 8/16/18

    Hello Team Krya,

    My 8 year old daughter had a persistent lice problem in school. I tried all the anti lice shampoos available in the market. The lice would just not go. So much so my daughter developed headaches which lasted almost a year(as long as the lice were there) .

    A year ago she moved to a boarding (where I have no control or can't check her hair etc) A friend introduced me to KRYA products and I was amazed at the quality of my hair after using just your hair oil. I came across an anti lice oil for Children on the Krya website and decided to try it out for my daughter.

    As soon as she got back from a 4 month session in school I started using the oil. In one wash all the nits died and in about 3 regular applications all the lice were gone!! This had never happened before.

    Now that she is back in school I’ve given her two bottles of krya anti lice oil and a lice comb. She has been using it regularly on her own and is lice free. Thank you team Krya for coming out with such authentic oils and body care products.
    Kudos to you!!

  2. Thank you Krya :) review by Bhavya on 9/26/17

    This oil and the lice unit was a life savior for me. I contacted the parasite from my toddler son (I had to shave this head )and not once did I have to use the chemical way to get rid of the lice. I used the entire package and was free within a month. It was a huge relief for me.

    The big relief that it works wonderfully for adults as well. I am glad I did not have to shave off my head too. Thank you Krya :)

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