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Everything changes when you become a parent. And I mean, EVERYTHING! All of us find that we become obsessive, compulsive label readers and information gatherers, as we research and double research just about everything that is fed to, applied on or is simply around our child.


When it comes to the products we apply on our chidlren, we are right to be this concerned and obsessive. A study by the campaign for Safe Cosmetics examined baby and children’s products for the presence of 2 probable human carcinogens – 1,4 dioxane and formaldehyde. Both of these are not put in intentionally by manufacturers, but are toxic by products that are formed because of the presence of other chemicals in these products. The research study showed that over 61% of the baby products surveyed (across leading brands), contained these 2 chemicals in more than trace quantities.


Most synthetic skin and hair products designed for toddlers and children are just as full of harmful, suspect, possibly carcinogenic chemicals. Routine checks of synthetic consumer products designed for children reveal the same SLS and SLeS which are harsh surfactants, the same paraben based preservatives and ALL the synthetic chemicals that are put on every toxic watchlist. The synthetic products we buy for our children simply look and smell mild, but are just as harmful.

Try Krya and our authentic ayurveda inspired products:

If you are concerned about the toxic load on your child, you could do no better than Krya's range of carefully formulated, purely natural, and synthetics free range of hair and skin products. We strictly follow the principles of herb selection, safety, natural goodness and processing standards laid down by Ayurveda and Siddha to formulate, test and safely manufacture our toddler and kids products (and all of our other products).

The lineage of Ayurveda is extremely deep and well thought out. Our traditional sciences clearly understand the needs of the body as the child grows, and suggests the right herbs that support the body in its growth. For example, the Krya Kids hair oil follows Ayurevdic principles in its formulation. Ayurveda teaches us that a young child's brain experiences extremely high growth in the first 10 years as the child sees, absorbs and responds to the stimuli around her / him. To support the brain during this high growth stage, and ensure there is no strain on the nerves, Ayurveda recommends use of Brahmi in all scalp and haircare products, especially oils. BRahmi is a powerful ayurvedic herb that supports the brain and nerves during this critical stage of development. so our Krya Kids hair oil, does not just nourish the scalp and hair, it also soothes the nerves, and helps the brain rest properly during this high growth stage.

Krya’s range of cleansing products for your child's skin and hair:

Our range of cleansing products for toddlers and kids skin and hair are formulated using only organically grown lentils and grains like Himalayan adzuki bean, Heritage Mung Bean, Heritage varieties of rice like Rajmudi and Kala bhat, and carefully selected forest collected herbs like Manjishta (Indian Madder), Mulethi (Indian Liquorice), Tree Turmeric and a special set of shade-dried, aromatic flowers like Himalayan Chamomile, and the Indian Rose. Every single ingredient is handpicked, carefully cleaned, sorted, shade dried and mindfully manufactured to give you a gentle, soothing cleanser that cleans without irritating or robbing tender skin of its acid mantle or barrier function.


Our range of skin cleansers for toddlers also incorporates a growing set of requests for children with skin complaints like dermatitis and eczema. 

Our hair wash products for toddlers and kids are a wonderful natural alternative to synthetic Sulphate filled shampoo. Our formulations use the gentle cleansing properties of lentils and a few hair friendly herbs to cleanse your child's scalp and hair WITHOUT upsetting the natural oil balance or damaging hair’s cuticular structure. Our cleansers are made using WHOLE ingredients: whole grains, whole lentils and whole herbs. Every single ingredient comes directly from a plant and not a factory. We use no extracts, sulphates, parabens, phthalates, thickeners, fillers, colours, artificial fragrances or anything synthetic in our products. This makes our cleanser range the safest, gentlest and most non toxic and planet friendly choice you could make for your baby.

Krya’s range of authentic Ayurvedic oils for your child's skin and hair:

Krya’s range of skin and hair oils for your child have been appreciated from launch for their authenticity, formulation and process integrity followed and for their universally good and nutritional effects on skin and hair.

Our oils are made using only cold pressed organic base oils like coconut, sesame, apricot, kokum butter and tamanu oil. A careful mixture of fresh herb juices, fruit and vegetable juices and herb decoctions are added to the base oils and the blend is processed gently by hand until we get a herb enriched, authentic oil. Each batch of oil we make takes s upto 9 hours of gentle manual stirring and processing!  The final herb enriched oil we obtain contains all the properties of the herbs, fruits and vegetables that have been added it along with the basic goodness of the base oils themselves.


The Krya baby and toddler hair oil and the Krya Kids hair Oil follows strict Ayurvedic principles and uses herbs like Brahmi which are recommended to be added to hair products for babies and children to aid brain development and memory apart from hair growth enhancing herbs like Bhringaraj . This is a much better and natural alternative to liquid paraffin based commercial hair oils for children.

We have 3 skin massage oils for your child. Our traditional baby massage oil aids your child's strength and growth and uses powerful Ayurvedic herbs like Vacha and Ashwagandha which are recommended to support children’s healthy growth. In addition we have 2 nourishing skin oils that are extremely beneficial for skin and help retain and support the healthy functioning of skin.


The Ayurvedic cleansing routine for your child:

Krya recommends the Ayurvedic cleansing routine for your child. In this routine there is no use of a post bath synthetic lotion of cream. Instead Ayurveda recommends a good massage for your child atleast once a week pre-bath using a herb enriched oil. Instead of a synthetic soap, we recommend using our special bodywash and ubtan powders for yoru child's daily bath.  The use of a non soap based grain and lentil and herb based bath using a Krya ubtan or Krya bodywash is also a well studied traditional practice recommended by Siddha and Ayurveda. This special cleansing mixture cleans without altering skin’s acid mantle, cleanses deeply, activates skin and helps its healthy functioning and removes toxins from your child's body without irritating or altering your child's skin in anyway.

Our products are loved by our young consumers and helps them stay fresh and clean for much longer without altering or irritating their skin in any way.


Write to us in case of doubts:

If you have any doubts on our products or how they are to be used for your child, please write to us (goodies@krya.in) or call us on 0-75500-89090.


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