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  • Krya Dish Wash Powder Krya Dish Wash Powder

Krya Natural Detergent Powder


Krya Detergent Subscription Pack ( 12 pieces)

Krya Natural Dish wash Powder

Quick Overview

• Made from a researched and tested combination of the following certified organic ingredients – soapberries, neem, zedoary and lemongrass essential oil
• Contains no artificial additives like colours, fragrances, enzymes, bleaches or anything else
• Is made from plants and not petroleum
• Works on all types of dishes including glass and non-stick ware
• This is a 350 gm pack
• Cruelty free & vegan product ( does not used any animal derived ingredients)
• Price includes GST
• Designed for hand washing of dishes ; not yet tested in a dishwashing machine

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• Made from a researched and tested combination of the following certified organic ingredients – soapberries, neem, zedoary and lemongrass essential oil
• Contains no artificial additives like colours, fragrances, enzymes, bleaches or anything else
• Is made from plants and not petroleum
• Designed for hand washing of dishes ; not yet tested in a dishwashing machine


• Washes dishes to a sparkling clean
• Kind on skin – leaves your hands feeling soft and heathy even after doing the dishes
• Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in action
• Biodegradable and compostable product
• Wash water can be filtered and recycled (after removing dish grease and foodwaste)
• Cruelty free and Vegan (no animal derived ingredients)
• Non-toxic, safe ingredients – no need to double and triple rinse for personal safety

Works great for 

• Baby’s feeding bottles and cutlery – gently anti bacterial in nature and works really well on smelly bottles.

Additional Information

Name Krya Natural Dish wash Powder
Ingredients No
Weight 350.0000

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  1. No worries of toxins review by PM on 9/18/19

    I was searching for a product which was safe for my hands and safe for the environment too. That led me to this product and I am very happy with its usage. My hands do not get affected. I do not worry of any leftover soap on the washed items. Also, helps me knowing that less toxins enter the water system when I use this.

    Have used on non stick, iron, steel, silver and copper items. Found it to be effective on all. Oil content on any item has not really been an issue.

  2. A sustainable product review by Jinali on 7/8/17

    The dishes come out so clean ! We are completely satisfied with this product . Also the packaging is great and the product is really aptly priced and we are planning to stay stuck with buying Krya Dishwasher from now on.

  3. Finally a bio degradable dishwash detergent! review by Meera on 9/9/16

    As a foreigner living in the countryside of India, i was very much aware about the environmental threat when using commercial detergents both when doing laundry or washing dishes as the waste water is going directly into the soil eventually polluting the ground water. And as both of these are done a lot in India on a regular basis, I was in search of a quality product for a while myself. I first tried to buy whole soapnuts and make the powder myself but the process was long and weary as you have to deseed them first. Fortunately, one day I came across Krya during my search on internet. It was just what I was looking for. The only thing I had doubt about was shipping the products to rural India, which previously didn't work. But all items arrived safely even though with a little delay. Thumbs up! Great work, Krya team! I wish you can raise more awareness among Indians for sustainable goods.

  4. Loving it :) review by Prada on 3/12/16

    Loving the dish wash. Waiting for your handwash too :)

  5. Great Product review by deepan on 7/25/15

    Was highly impressed by the product ,have trashed the liquid dish washer.My Mother too is impressed with the quality and ease of use.

  6. innovative and enviornment friendly. review by anju on 7/24/15


  7. This product is a real blessing! review by Michelle on 6/9/15

    Thank you very much for this product. Since I prefer to do the dishes myself, my hands were always dry, rough and the skin would peel with usual liquid detergents. Added to that were the strong smells in dish washing liquids that would affect my allergies. I don't have those troubles now. I am very grateful for this product - it has truly been a blessing!! Thanks to the Krya team.

  8. About Dishwash Product and suggestions review by Swetha K on 8/21/14

    The product is good. Hand is not itching after wash. Vessels and even oil vessels are cleaned very nicely. But I have a feedback that the cost can be reduced? Because comparing other market products it double to triple time high cost. I accept that it is organic product. But if price is less middle class people also can buy more. and probably cost increasing factor, instead of two covers you can keep only one like Shikkakai powder packing something like that. So overall your production cost also may reduce and product cost also we can see reduced. Just a suggestion. Otherwise product is good.

  9. Buy it now review by soumya on 5/20/14

    I was skeptical about this product initially, but it works very well. It cleans out the milk vessels, grease, oil perfectly, just that it needs more quantity as compared to easy vessels. It does not leave any residue on vessels, rinses off nicely & doesn't burn my fingers the way liquid/bar soaps do.
    Overall a winner product and my search for a green dish wash ends here!
    Keep up the good work!!

  10. Excellent product review by Nita on 2/25/14

    I've had a chronic problem of rashes/itching with any dishwash powder/liquid, and am allergic to gloves too! But since I started using the krya powder, the problem has vanished! Thank you very much. Looking forward to a floor cleaner and insect repellent too!

  11. I highly recommend it! review by Sangeetha S on 1/25/14

    After a party of 10 people with cake and veg biryani, I washed all the cooking and serving utensils with just half a teaspoon of this powder, and it was so effective. Thanks to the Krya team for your wonderful work, and most importantly in this day and age of commodifying all knowledge, for making your product recipes freely available! Friends, don't get fooled by the price of this pack. The powder, if used wisely, lasts and lasts... I highly recommend it!

  12. Awesome review by Pavithra on 12/3/13

    I have tried other biodegradable dish washing solution as well, this is the best. The other alternatives might be cheaper, but they have added shikkakai in them which iam allergic to, further this extremely fine so it doesn't scratch the vessels and I can use it confidently on non stick cookware as well. I personally dread from washing vessels, but with this powder the grease gone in no time, so days when my helper doesn't turn up, I know struggle washing vessels, don't believe me, try these on milk vessels, you will be amazed by the ease with which dirt is gone. Further, in commercial soap liquids, there is so much of foam generated tht I hardly can see if I have wiped out the dirt only after rinsing I can still notice more dirt, so I have to repeat the process, as a result more soap wasted, in this since there is no foam i can visible see every corner and clean it efficiently with very little powder.

  13. Feeling Satisfied review by Anitha on 11/25/13

    Its very effective in taking away the grease and oil.. little is enough on non oily utensils.. really great. needs less water to rinse off. doesnt harm the hands also. Looking forward to more such products.

  14. Excellent product review by Maria on 11/22/13

    It is wonderful to use natural organic products. The best part of using the powder is that there is no residue left after washing. Hope you come up with more products.

  15. Thumbs Up ! review by Dassana on 11/11/13

    I have tried and finished the dishwash.

    I have used many times. For light cleaning the krya dishwash is very good. For heavy oily based pans or kadai, i would take an extra amount of the krya dishwash and there would be no grease left. So my thumbs up to you.

  16. its the best choice i made review by Kavitha on 11/11/13

    Used the dish washing powder. Must say, its the best choice i made. A tiny amount is sufficient to get rid of the greasiness from the utensils, and the best part - i don't have to worry about the residual soap. Great going! Hoping to see many more such organic products. Thanks.

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