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The synthetic floor cleaners, laundry detergents and dishwash products you use in your home are based on synthetic surfactants like LABSA and strong synthetic anti-bacterial agents like Triclosan. Apart from these, all synthetic cleaning products come pre-loaded with a toxic set of additives that could include strong allergy-inducing fragrances,  builders, enzymes, bleaches, colours, fillers etc.

Each of our individual subcategory page for each kind of home cleaner details the harmful effects of these cleaners on your health and the environment. 


The Krya solution: all natural, chemical free, safe for human beings, safe for aquatic life and safe for our waterways

Human beings have existed long before the invention of synthetic cleaning products. Throughout human history, we have found natural herbs, clays and ashes from cooking and eating as extremely effective cleaning solutions for our dishes and laundry.

When we started Krya, we were keen on starting with a safe, toxic-free and strongly functional home cleaning range that was made completely from safe ayurvedic herbs and essential oils. We went back to references from Ayurveda and Siddha to formulate our range, and we chose effective cleaning herbs that were safe on skin, could be safely used around children and pets, and could be safely discharged in our waterways without worrying about the toxicity.

 The Krya natural cleaning range uses traditional plant based cleansers like Soapberry and Shikakai. In addition we use skin safe and skin healing astringent herbs like Amla, Embelic myrobalans and Belleric myrobalans and properly sourced, and cleanly extracted organic essentials oils like Lemongrass, Palmarosa and Citriodora.

The Krya cleaning range has clearly labelled fragrance free and naturally fragrant options. All of Krya’s products are safe to use for clothing and dishes mean for new born infants, elderly people and those with sensitive skin.


Recycling / composting using the truly green Krya cleaning range :

The Krya range of home cleaning products are formulated without fillers, colours, builders, phosphates, baking soda, parabens, sulphates, LABSA, artificial fragrances – the range is 100% synthetic free. This means that the discharge from our products is easily recyclable. The discharge from our detergent product can be filtered to remove lint and debris from clothing and directly discharged to your garden to save water. This is being done by many Krya consumers who report healthy plant growth in their gardens with the wash water from Krya.

Kitchen waste water needs to go through a slightly more rigorous filtering process to remove cooking oils and spices from the water. Once this is done, this water can also be reused.

The products are themselves both compostable and biodegradable. We recommend composting the residue from our detergent into your garden.

Note: All scented Krya cleansing products can be composted - however due to the use of natural Essential oils, we do not recommend discharging waste water from these products directly into your garden. However, they ccanbe discharged into your water recycling system / rainwater harvesting channel.


Recommended for patients / sensitive individuals : The truly green Krya cleaning range

The Krya truly green home cleaning range is especially suitable if you have patients recovering from intensive treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy, sensitive skin and around small infants. We are often referred by dermatologists and other doctors for their patients with sensitive skin or severe health conditions.

We recommend starting with our unscented products for such sensitive individuals. 

Cloth diapering moms swear by our detergent!

Contact us if you have more questions:

For more information on our products and how they should be used, please visit the individual product pages. We also have long term subscription packs on offer for our home cleansers. If you have any more questions on the subject, please call us on (0)75500-89090 or email us.


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