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Hi, Is there any product that can help my hair? I am 23 years old. I have a stressful job and my hair is greying very rapidly”.

“Hi Team Krya. I am a B school graduate and I am just 25. I have a travelling stressful Sales job, and I have been losing hair at an alarming rate. For the last year, everytime someone meets me, this is all they talk about (how quickly I seem to be losing hair). Can Krya’s products help me?”


The effect of Stress on Human health:

Stress appears to excessively stimulate our androgenic hormones, perhaps to help with our flight / fight response. Stress tends to affect various parts of the body differently. Commonly a high amount of mental stress affects our ability to fall asleep, stay asleep for the right amount of time, reduces or alters appetite, reduces the body’s ability to extract nutrients from food, sharply increases the amount of nutrients needed by the body, and interferes with the repair and regeneration mechanism of our body.


The effect of Stress on Hair health:

Stress takes about 180 days to show up on hair, so when we receive complaints of sudden, inexplicable hairfall, we try and trace events that occurred about 3 – 4 months back to understand the cause. While the physical pathway of how stress works continues to be unravelled, its net result on hair and skin is quite certain: In times of stress, your hair’s Anagen phase abruptly shifts to Catagen phase. In normal hair, atleast 85% of hair is supposed to be in Anagen phase at any point of time, and only 1% transitions to Catagen phase.

This ratio is altered in times of stress, as a large proportion of Anagen phase hair shifts abruptly to the Catagen phase. This causes a sudden loss of much larger amounts of hair. Surprisingly stress can be caused by difficult and happy events: for example, a new baby can stress you out as much of a loss of a loved one or a job.


Ayurvedic diagnosis of stress and its effects on the human body and hair:

Ayurveda looks at how stress affects the balance of dosha in the body. Depending upon the prakriti, their individual nature and the way they have trained themselves to respond to stress, we can see a strong imbalance in Vata dosha, a strong imbalance in Pitta dosha, or a strong imbalance in Kapha dosha, or a mixture of the above.

When Vata dosha is strongly imbalanced due to stress, we see an increase in Vata aggravated complaints in the body: so we see an increase in panic attacks, an inability to sleep, light or disturbed sleep, associated aches and pains like back and shoulder and any bone and joint pain, dryness in the body, dull and dry skin, and weak, brittle, falling hair that looks rough and unkempt.

When Pitta dosha is strongly imbalanced due to Stress, we see an increase in Pitta aggravated complaints in the body: acidity, pitta related acne, premature greying and fine or thinning hair along with irritability, excessive temper tantrums, increase in blood pressure, cardiac stress, etc.

When Kapha dosha is strongly imbalanced due to Stress, we see an increase in Kapha aggravated complaints in the body: weight gain, sluggishness, impaired moods, depression, and a reduction in hair growth or high falling hair.


Therefore depending upon the dosha imbalance, Ayurveda suggests appropriate herbs to be used for hair and the presence of a strong Dinacharya routine like the Abhyanga, along with appropriate mental conditioning techniques, the appropriate diet and learning to adapt healthily to stress. We have seen that this holistic approach has a much better chance of reining in Stress related hairfall, and is able to reverse hair back to its original state.


I have stress related hairfall. Where do I start?

The products listed in this range are products designed to cope with hair issues related to high stress. We have found that Krya’s harmony range of products is appropriate for stress related hairfall, and helps balance stress related to pitta and vata aggravation. If kapha is additionally aggravated, The Krya Intense hair oil helps in combination with the Krya Harmony range.

Apart from taking care of your hair with the right products, it is IMPERATIVE to treat stress QUICKLY with a healthy, prakriti appropriate diet and the addition of the Abhyanga into the Dinacharya. The Abhyanga strongly helps balance imbalanced dosha and greatly helps in alleviating many symptoms of stress and helps the body recover from the effects of stress.

If you have any questions on a regimen to cope with stress, please write to us.


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Stress Related Hairfall

Stress Related Hairfall

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