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The Pitta Prakriti hair - normal - oily hair

Ayurveda classifies all of us as per our dominant dosha. All of us are made up of a unique combination of doshas which is determined at conception, and is further bolstered by the food we eat, the lifestyle we maintain and the place we live in.

Pitta dominant prakriti (constituion) is characterised by hair that is normal - oily. This hair also tends to be straight, and is prone to premature greying and thining if the pitta increases to levels that are more than normal. Generally, synthetic shampoos aggravate the oil levels in pitta prakriti hair. So you may find that your hair and scalp look oily within a few days after washing with a synthetic shampoo. Humid climates make this hair look and feel even more oily. 

Most times, Pitta hair is followed by Pitta skin. So the skin will also tend to be normal to oily with a prominent T- Zone and depending upon dosha balance, pimples or adult acne could also occur.


Why a synthetic shampoo worsens oiliness of Pitta Prakriti (Normal - Oily) hair: 

The primary constituent of a synthetic shampoo is the synthetic surfacatnt SLS, or SLeS. Shampoos designed for normal - oily hair contain a higher amount of surfactants in the mistaken belief that this oil in the scalp should be aggressively removed and dried out for hair health. SLS and SLES dissolve your hair and scalp’s sebum layer and strip skin of all its natural oils leaving you with dry skin and hair.

“The lathering power of liquid soaps is actually an enemy. It can bubble the oil out of your skin” says Dr. Marianne O’Donoghue, associate professor of dermatology at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center and spokeswoman for the American Academy of Dermatology.

Pitta prakriti hair (normal - oily hair) reacts aggressively to this systematic stripping of sebum.  The excessive harshness of this product usually forces a defensive skin reaction where the scalp starts to aggressively produce sebum to make up for the loss every time you shampoo. Therefore the more you wash with a synthetic shampoo, the oilier your scalp and hair becomes, creating a vicious cycle where you are compelled to wash more frequently. 

In time, with imbalance of the sebacaous glands and unchecked Pitta dosha, you will fidnd that your hair thins, ages rapidly and also starts greying.  

Pitta dosha unchecked – hair thinning, premature greying and male pattern baldness

The Ayurvedic texts state that Pitta dosha is what provides intelligence, focus, leadership traits and the ability to get things done. This dosha is dominated by Fire / Agni, and without adequate amounts of this dosha, you will have no appetite and digestion, the key to absorbing nutrients will not take place. Pitta dosha is also responsible for imparting colour, complexion to the body and is the key dosha behind blood production.

However, when in excess, unchecked Pitta dosha can burn vision, increase anger and sharpness, can push the focus from safe to dangerous levels, and turn hair grey , cause hair thinning, and aggravate premature balding and androgenic pattern baldness.

Pitta can be aggravated due to 2 reasons: our nature and basic constitution is tending towards Pitta dosha, or we are constantly putting ourselves in situations or eating foods that are jacking up our natural pitta levels in the body.

4 critical practices to keep Pitta dosha in check: 

Daily Hair oiling 

If your situation is very stressful or if your pitta is already out of control, daily hair oiling can keep you cool. Apply ¼ – ½ teaspoon of the Krya Classic hair oil and massage well on scalp. Do not wash off. We have used this very successfully in the case of consumers whose job demands extreme travel in the sun, people in high stress, and pitta aggravation brought on by improper diet. The reduction in excess pitta is quite instant and dramatic.

Addition of cow ghee to the diet

Eat atleast 1 teaspoon of melted cow ghee per meal every day, especially in high stress times. Cow ghee is good in beneficial fats and especially helps you think and focus well in stressful times.

Drastically cut down on sour and spicy food especially if your pitta is already aggravated

We recommend a total ban on sour foods like tamarind, tomatoes, curd, mangoes and amchur and completely eliminating red and green chillies and pickles from your diet. Commercial Chinese food is also a culprit in pitta aggravation – ajinomoto is both processed and commercial Chinese food uses a high amount of acidic foods. Cutting down these foods drastically helps slow down premature greying . You will notice a difference in body heat and hair strength within a month.

Head to toe Abhyanga in the first hour of sunrise with warm oil

You will notice the greatest benefits if you combine hair oiling along with full body abhyanga using the Krya abhyanga system . This abhyanga is best done as close to sunrise as possible as this gives the body the entire day to release excess pitta. Ensure that you do not strain digestive system on this day with heavy food as this can undo the benefits of the abhyanga.

Krya Classic Hair Nourishing Range - Ideal Companion for Pitta prakriti hair

The Krya Classic Hair nourishing range has been ideally formulated for Pitta Prakriti hair. The products are formulated using pitta balancing and scalp and hair nourishing herbs like Amla, Bhringaraj, Japa, Curry leaves and other classic Ayurevdic herbs. With regular use, our consumers have noticed a reduction in pitta aggravated hair thinning, slowing down of greying and excellent hair growth and hair softness.

For best results, we recommend use of the complee Krya Classic hair nourishing system. For details of the herbs that go into each indivdual product and how each product should be used, please vsit the individual product pages in the Krya website.

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Normal - Oily hair (Pitta type)

Normal - Oily hair (Pitta type)

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7 Item(s)