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Ayurveda terms severe hairfall as "Indralupta" - a condition where there is sudden and extreme shedding of hair and the normal pattern of growth of hair is also restricted. The causes of this kind of sudden hairfall are many and could include shock, extreme grief, damaging chemical tretaments, a sudden change in diet or lifestyle and illnesses.

In many cases, the body is able to heal and reverse this condition by itself with time, the right diet and a positive attitude. This is the case for Indralupta brought on by shock, grief, high stress, damaging chemical treatments and a sudden change in diet and lifestyle. In most cases, the reason for Hair problems is a simple imbalance. This does not need an advanced or specialised system and the body responds very quickly to the diet and lifestyle and product changes to give you good results.

However, for sudden hairfall brought on by long term illness, surgery or high medication, the body struggles to heal itself. In this case, the body requires a little bit of assistance. 


Why is my hairloss continuing after my illness?

In the case of severe illnesses, we see much slower results because the entire body has been left unsettled and stressed due to the illness itself and the medication used. For example, one of our consumers came to us after a surgery of the GI tract where a small portion of her large intestine was operated upon and removed because of a tumerous growth. Obviously in the above case, the body’s metabolism and nutritional intake is itself damaged. In times like these the very last system to be nurtured is the hair and skin as the body reserves its limited nutrition for extremely important organ systems. Therefore due to severely restricted nutrient availability and internal damage, there will be sudden hairfall without the normal growth pattern to make up for teh loss.

Apart from this, severe illnesses also mean that severe medication is used. Depending upon the illness, you may have immune system suppressing medication, or certain other kinds of steroids and a heavy dose of antibiotics being used. This upsets the body’s natural microbiome and its response to the external environment. A natural fallout of these illnesses is extreme and severe hair loss where you lose upto half your hair’s volume and growth is slow.

Who should buy the Krya Intense Hairfall system/ range of products ?

You should buy this range of products if you have:

  1. Sudden severe hairfall with high loss of volume - for example you can see a loss upwards of 15% in hair volume and this hair fall is sudden and intensive
  2. Slow hair growth - you can see this by length that remains static without growth and visible thinning or bald patches
  3. Week rooted hair that falls easily when washed, tugged , combed or brushed. You will be able to see the hair bulb as a white bulb at the root of the hair when it falls.

This hairfall can be traced to the following:

  1. Long term illness like TB, Auto Immune disorders, PCOD
  2. Surgery
  3. Invasive and Intensive therapy like radiation therapy, Chemotherapy, Prescription steroids, etc. 

How the Krya Intense hair system products can help you

Please read each product's individual page to know more about the herbs that have been used, their importance in restorring hair growth and nourishing the scalp, and how each product should be used.

Patience , Healthy diet and a gradual movement to a healthy lifestyle is key to regaining lost hair volume 

The cells in our body are contantly renewing themselves. Ayurveda teaches us that by eating well, following the right lifestyle and engaging in meaningful work that feeds our soul and is right for us, we can confidently lead a healthy, happy and long life. Ayurveda sets no age limit on looking good - on the contrary, when the body is in the right state of health and balance, we automatically look our best.

The road to recovery after an illness should be undertaken with hope and positivity. Imagine that you are a small child again, just learning to walk, speak and eat. Just like we know that a crawling infant will eventually walk and talk, so too we should know that with the right food, right regimen and right attitude, God willing, our body will also regain its health and appearance.

Keep calm, positive and continue assisting your body through the recovery process by eating well and living well. Please write to us for diet and lifestyle suggestions that can help you. 

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Illness related Hairfall

Illness related Hairfall

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5 Item(s)