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There are 2 types of dandruff - which one do you have?

“I am using a popular brand of anti dandruff shampoo. I shampoo every single day, because I’ve been told that only this will keep away my dandruff. While my shampoo removes the dandruff, my scalp feels itchy by the evening and the flaking starts again. What do you think could be the problem? Am I stuck with dandruff and shampooing everyday forever?”

There are 2 causes of dandruff: the first is an underlying skin condition like psoriasis, eczema or seborrhea. And if you had any of this, any part of your skin will be affected, including your scalp. 

The other kind of dandruff which the Mayo Clinic describes as the most common cause of dandruff today is dry skin or scalp caused by aggravated sebaceous glands. This aggravation can occur because of how often you shampoo or what you shampoo your hair with.

What is in your Anti dandruff shampoo:

The lead chemical used by an anti dandruff shampoo is a fungicide – this could be ketoconazole, zinc pyrithione or selenium disulfide, miconazole and even hydrogen peroxide or common bleach. Now the thing to note is this: this solution is logical only if your dandruff is caused by a fungal infection like seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Even then the fungicides do not heal the root cause. Worse still, they are excessively harsh and drying on the scalp and could lead to the other type of dandruff caused by severely dry scalp. This could explain why people using an anti-dandruff shampoo feel that they are worse off than before.

How to make out what kind of dandruff you have:

Dandruff no 1: Fungal dandruff

In this the dandruff flakes are large and visible. They tend to be creamy - yellowish in colour and look slightly oily. Sometimes this fungal infection tends to spread along the hairline and you could notice itchiness and slightly inflammed and thickening skin around your ear, neck, and on the sides of your face. The scalp is usually slightly oily. 

In this kind of dandruff, washing your hair with an anti dandruff shampoo feels cool, and soothing to the scalp. 2 - 3 days after washing with the oil build-up, the dandruff again aggravates and the scalp feels itchy and flaky. A synthetic anti dandruff shampoo will only provide temporary relief as there is nothing to prevent fungal build up on the scalp on a permanent basis.

Dandruff no. 2 : Dry Dandruff caused by dry scalp

In this kind of dandruff, the dandruff flakes are small, white, light and powdery.They are light and extremely small in size. The scalp in this case is generally dry and the hair tends to be dry as well. There could also be a buildup of statatic in the hair when it is brushed or combed.

Washing the hair tends to aggravate this dandruff as synthetic shampoos contain drying agents like SLS and SLeS which irritate the scalp further and dry it out even more. A synthetic anti dandruff shampoo will severely aggravate and worsen this dandruff.

Who should use the Krya anti dandruff range of products? 

1. If you have Dandruff no 1- Fungal dandruff, then you should use the Krya Anti dandruff range of products. Once the dandruff is controlled, you can switch to one of Krya's regular hair care systems to maintain and care for yoru hair.

2. If you have been having chronic, stubborn and persistent Dandruff No.2 - Dry Dandruff caused by dry scalp, you should use the Krya anti Dandruff system. Once the dandruff is controlled, you should switch to one of Krya's other hair care systems for maintenance to ensure the dandruff does not recur. 

3. If your scalp has recently been feeling itchy and flaky and it looks like Dandruff No.2 - Dry Dandruff caused by dry scalp is just beginning, then you do not need the Krya anti dandruff system. Simply switching to either the Krya Classic or Krya conditioning hair systems will itself treat this dryness.  

I chose the Krya Anti Dandruff system by mistake without knowing what kind of dandruff I have. I now understand that this system is not required for my dandruff . Is it okay to continue with the system?

YES! Like all our hair systems, the Krya Anti dandruff system has been designed to nourish the scalp and boost hair growth along with treating dandruff. So even if you brought this system by mistake for dry dandruff that has just begun on your scalp, this set of products will help solve your dandruff. Once you have finished using these products, you can switch to one of our regular hair care systems to continue to nourish and maintain your hair. 

What is in the Krya Anti Dandruff system? How does it help dandruff prone hair?
Ayurveda classifies different scalp conditions including dandruff. Dandruff no 1- Fungal dandruff is classified as a kapha based disorder where there is a thickening of the scalp along with a change in the sebaceous secretion which attarcts fungal organisms. Along with kapha imbalance , there is also a pitta imbalance which causes intense itchiness and irritation on the scalp. 

 Dandruff No.2 - Dry Dandruff is seen as a vata based disorder caused by inherent dryness in the body or the use of very strong and drying products on the scalp. This si further aggravated by eating vata promoting substances or by a lifestyle that promotes vata.

 The Krya Anti Dandruff products contain herbs that balance vitiated kapha and pitta  dosha which is extremely helpful in treating Dandruff no 1- Fungal dandruff . The herbs soothe the scalp, help bring down scalp thinkening and excessive oiliness, make te escalp less appealing to fungal organisms and help nourish the hair and scalp.  

For severe Dandruff No.2 - Dry Dandruff , the Krya Anti dandruff system works by nourishing the scalp, soothing it with rich herb based essential oils and base oils, reduces Pitta based itchiness and helps nourish hair and scalp.The products nourish and cleanse the scalp without irritating it and aggravating the natural sebaceous structure. So in time, the scalp is less dry, more balanced and well moisturised and nourished without dryness. 

For details of the herbs used in each product and how each product is to be used, please visit the individual product pages. We advise using the complete Krya Anti dandruff system for better, holistic and more complete results.  

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Dandruff Prone Hair

Dandruff Prone Hair

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