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Why your baby’s skin and hair system is so vulnerable:

Human skin is the largest sense organ in our body. It is considered the seat of the Indriyas / sense organs and is literally the seat of sight, sense, touch, feeling and hearing. It is our first barrier layer and helps protect our internal organs from damage and bacteria. It is a marvel of bio engineering and hosts a massive colony of micro organisms which work along with us to ensure a constant pH of 5.5, with an acidic mantle that keeps harmful organisms away from us.

The skin and hair structure in children is one of the last major systems to be formed. This along with the sweating mechanism is only fully developed when a child reaches the age of three. This makes children’s skin and hair especially vulnerable and prone to quick damage, which therefore makes their internal organ systems also easy to damage as their barrier function is still not properly developed.

A study by the campaign for Safe Cosmetics examined baby and children’s products for the presence of 2 probable human carcinogens – 1,4 dioxane and formaldehyde. Both of these are not put in intentionally by manufacturers, but are toxic by products that are formed because of the presence of other chemicals in these products. The research study showed that over 61% of the baby products surveyed (across leading brands), contained these 2 chemicals in more than trace quantities.


The Krya difference for your baby

If you are concerned about the toxic load on your child’s vulnerable skin and hair system, you could do no better than trying out Krya’s consumer-loved, all natural, authentic baby products. We strictly follow the principles of herb selection, safety, natural goodness and processing standards laid down by Ayurveda and Siddha to formulate, test and safely manufacture our baby products (and all of our other products).

Our baby products are extremely unique and have been loved by discerning mothers and fathers ever since we launched.

Krya's range of hair care products for baby :

The Krya baby hair wash is a wonderful natural alternative to synthetic Sulphate filled shampoo. Our formulation uses the gentle cleansing properties of lentils and a few hair friendly herbs to cleanse baby’s scalp and hair WITHOUT upsetting the natural oil balance or damaging hair’s cuticular structure. Our cleansers are made using WHOLE ingredients: whole grains, whole lentils and whole herbs. Every single ingredient comes directly from a plant and not a factory. We use no extracts, sulphates, parabens, phthalates, thickeners, fillers, colours, artificial fragrances or anything synthetic in our products. This makes our cleanser range the safest, gentlest and most non toxic and planet friendly choice you could make for your baby.

The Krya baby hair oil follows strict Ayurvedic principles and uses hair growth enhancing herbs like Bhringaraj and also contains herbs like Brahmi which are recommended to be added to hair products for babies and children to aid brain development and memory. This is a much better and natural alternative to liquid paraffin based commercial baby hair oils.  Our oils are made using only cold pressed organic base oils like coconut, sesame, apricot, kokum butter and tamanu oil. A careful mixture of fresh herb juices, fruit and vegetable juices and herb decoctions are added to the base oils and the blend is processed gently by hand until we get a herb enriched, authentic oil. Each batch of oil we make takes us upto 9 hours of gentle manual stirring and processing!  The final herb enriched oil we obtain contains all the properties of the herbs, fruits and vegetables that have been added it along with the basic goodness of the base oils themselves.

For details on how each Krya baby hair care product is to be used, the list of herbs used in each product and the provenance of the herbs, please read the individual product pages for each product.  





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Baby haircare (0 - 1 year)

Baby haircare (0 - 1 year)

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2 Item(s)