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Krya Natural Hair Colour - Midnight Black (100 g)

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  1. Amazing! review by Priti on 10/24/17

    This really really works !!! Also the best thing is the product is so pure and herbal , no additives and toxins inside .
    The shade was a beautiful dark brown- black color (almost black)
    Never ever got this shade when using henna . I love your hair color formulation Krya.

  2. Good, but needs to be improved review by shalini on 9/8/17

    So, I used Krya hair colour a couple of days back. The colour is good, but the coverage not up to the mark. I had about 70-80% coverage after 2 days, which is less than I have had with other organic hair colours. It shows good on my already black hair, but some of the whites I have are still showing. I washed the colour after about 3 hours when I applied and washed with shampoo after 3 days only.

  3. krya - the harmless hair colour review by subha on 9/1/17

    Hello All,

    I am really thankful to Krya and its team for bringing out the product as I wished for.no chemicals, vegan and a lot more as I expected. I had premature grey hair due to genetics and I was really looking out in market to get the harmless hair colour. But I couldn't find any and so I tried henna. Still I was not satisfied as it couldn't give me the desired color I was looking for. Then came the saviour Krya hair colour and it was so easy to apply. The color came out so well and I did not notice hair fall or dryness in my hair.

    So to end with "Say NO to grey hairs with Krya hair colors"

    Thanks team for bringing up such a wonderful product

  4. Am a believer and a convert! review by Sandhya on 6/8/17


    This is a review of my experience with the Krya Colour - Midnight Black.

    A few things to know - I am not yet 40, but well over 35. Most of my hair is still black, barring a few stray strands of grey. I have nearly waist length wavy curly hair.

    After having experimented with highlighting and streaking my hair a few times in the not so distant past, I decided about a couple of years back to never chemically colour my hair ever again, and switched to making concoctions of henna at home for my hair.

    For almost a couple of years now I have taken the effort to mix henna with all the herbs, coffee, tea, leave it overnight and follow the entire process.

    So when I heard about Krya's new hair colour, I was looking forward to trying it. I tried the Midnight Black colour. My experiences are encapsulated here:

    - Using the colour was extremely easy for me (especially given that I am a henna veteran). All one needs to do is mix the product with water, make a paste and apply to combed and sectioned hair.

    - I used my hands to apply - doing away with gloves / brushes - since I find using my fingers most convenient. It was easy to apply and didn't drip.

    - After applying the paste, I covered my hair with a plastic bag and left it on for a little less than 3 hours

    - My hands were stained mildly and there was some residue in my nails, but both cleared away within 12 hours

    - The product was easy to wash off with plain water and as recommended by Preeti, I did not use a shampoo and/or conditioner, something I was prone to doing while using my henna concoction. The only deviation was that I applied a smidgen of argan oil on my damp hair (a part of my routine hair care process)

    - The hair post drying was not as dry as I expected, though post 48 hours, it felt like it needed a wash

    - The colour payoff was great and the grey coverage was better than I have been able to achieve with my homemade henna concoction. There is a subtle deep indigo-ish tinge to my hair. And there were parts of my hair that were growing out (the previous chemical highlights) that were a deep brownish, which have turned this lovely shade of deep coffee brown tinged with a hint of purple.

    Love, love, love the product and am a huge fan! Now an official convert to Krya hair colour and look forward to using the other shades going forward.

    Thanks Team Krya for coming up with a wonderful product!

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