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Krya Classic Face Mask - Clarifying , Skin Nourishing & Skin Smoothening.

Quick Overview

The Krya Classic Face mask has been launched as an addition to our Classic Skin range and goes with the Krya Classic Face wash and the Krya Classic Body wash.

This skin nourishing mask has been designed to clarify, nourish and soothe normal - oily skin which is not acne prone or especially dry. 

The Krya Classic Face Mask is made from a well researched combination of 14 skin nourishing ingredients - of these 14 ingredients, 12 are certified organic or have been grown organically. These ingredients include Mulberry Leaf & Mulberry fruit which are extremely high in anti oxidants and are known to even out skin tone and moisturize skin.  special batch of medicated mung beans. 

Apart from Mulberry, the Krya Classic Face Mask contains herbs like Guava leaf and fruit, which help combat dryness, even out fine lines and plump up skin. 

All of Krya’s products use only forest collected or organically grown grains, lentils and herbs, and contain no synthetics.

A common synthetic chemical used in products for normal - oily skin is the Sulphate family (SLS & SLeS). This is a common synthetic cleanser which adds detergency to a product. However on skin, these compounds are extremely dryng and irritating on skin, and can leave normal skin patchy with uneven oily and dry zones. Sulphates also acclerate skin aging as they are extremely harsh in their action, and by frequent use of these products on your skin, you might dry out your skin much faster. 

The Krya Classic Face Mask is a non-foaming, soap-free, SLS-free,  SLeS-free, Paraben-free, Phthlate-free, synthetic colours and fragrance free, PEG-free , hydroquinone-free, petroleum free product.

This is a 100 gm pack.

It will give you 8 – 10 masks. Use as per instructions given below.

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