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Krya Classic Skin oil with Manjishta & Chandana - 50 ml

Quick Overview

About the Krya Classic Skin oil:
The Krya Classic skin oil with Manjishta and Chandana has been formulated with 22 nourishing, oil balancing and pitta balancing herbs and fruits like Manjishta, Chandana (Sandal), Lodhra, Brahmi, Neem. We also add complexion enhancing and blemish reducing seasonal fruits like papaya into the oil. The oil also uses sneha (oils) like Neem and Tamanu which classically help balance sebum secretion and are useful for pitta prakriti skin.

Who is this oil for?
This oil is designed for Pitta prakriti skin which tends to be normal - oily. If your skin tends to break out every now and then, has an oily T Zone and gets reddish or reacts quickly to the sun, then this is the oil for you. 

How should this oil be used?
The Krya Classic Skin Oil with Manjishta and Chandana is an excellent natural alternative to synthetic moisturisers and lotions.

This oil can be used as a night serum / night cream (chek the how to use tab for directions) or as a pre-bath misturiser for yoru skin. Oils are generally not left on during the day time on skin as per Ayurveda. 

How does the Krya Classic skin oil work on Pitta prakriti (normal - oily ) skin?

 Even Pitta prakriti skin can go dry in certain conditions. This is a dryness which comes with excess heat, so a skin moisturising product that works with skin without disturbing Pitta and adding excess oiliness will suit this skin. Continued use of the product helps work on minor skin blemishes, scars and evens out skin tone and lustre.

The anti bacterial nature of many of the herbs and oils used also helps preventing microbial infection and the occurrence of cystic acne with regular use.

Size and price of the oil:

This is a 50 ml bottle of herb infused oil. For facial use, we expect this bottle to last for 2 - 2.5 months. Prices include all taxes.

Vegan and Cruelty free:
As with all of Krya's products, the Krya Classic Skin oil with Manjista & Chandana is a cruelty free and vegan product. 

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