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Krya Classic Hair Oil - normal - oily hair (Pitta prakriti) 100 ml

Quick Overview

Is your hair greying prematurely? Are you experiencing hair thinning especially around your parting or in the frontal portion of your hair? Is your hair fine, thin, greasy, limp and lacking volume most of the time? Do you “need” to wash it every day / frequently for your hair to look its best? 


 The Role of Hair Oil in hair care as per Ayurveda:

Regular and frequent hair oiling is strongly prescribed in Ayurveda to maintain hair health, to retain hair’s natural colour and prevent greying, and to improve hair’s strength, growth and its length. Hair oiling is especially vital in Pitta prakriti hair.

Pitta prakriti hair is usually described as normal to oily and tends to suffer from symptoms of Pitta dosha aggravation like premature greying, hair thinning, oiliness, scalp greasiness, etc. When Pitta prakriti hair is regularly massaged with the right hair oil, it supports the healthy release of sebum and ensures it is neither too much nor too little. The scalp is kept supple, healthy and well nourished. Excess Pitta is released through the minor openings in the scalp. Hair is firm, well rooted, does not thin easily and greying is delayed.

 Hair oiling is not just good for the care and nourishment of the scalp and hair. It also helps balance excess Pitta in the body as a whole, and brings better health to the body. This is an Ayurvedic practice that should be re-adopted by everyone for better health.


 How is the Krya Classic hair oil different from other hair oils in the market? Why is it good for my hair?

 Almost all hair oils commonly available in the market are made using Light Liquid Paraffin, hexane extracted base oils and synthetic herb extracts (if claimed). They also use synthetic colours and perfumes and often synthetic silicones that coat the hair masking hair damage. Synthetic hair oils are hence, non-sticky and light to use on the hair. 

BUT, the constant use of this kind of synthetic hair oil can clog the pores of the scalp, aggravate Pitta dosha in the body, accelerate hair greying and also cause allergic reactions to the dyes and fragrances in the oil. Certainly, constant use of these synthetic hair oils will not nourish the scalp, promote hair growth or improve the health and texture of the hair.


The Krya Classic hair oil, on the other hand, is a true-blue, authentic Ayurvedic hair oil, made using the Classic Ayurvedic oil manufacturing process of “Tila Paka”. Each batch of hair oil takes us 168 hours to make. Read more about our special Oil manufacturing process in our “Description” tab below.


The Krya Classic hair oil is made from an in-house formulation that has been painstakingly reached, tested and formulated. The Krya classic hair oil is made from 18 different fresh and dried herbs, vegetables and fruits. These 18 herbs are blended in 4 different cold pressed, organic oils & butters including Coconut, Kokum butter, Apricot Oil & sesame Oil. We use NO extracts. We use ONLY whole leaves, roots, fruits, and vegetables when making our Ayurvedic hair oils. Read the complete list of Ingredients in our “Description” tab below.

Will use of the Krya Classic hair oil make my oily scalp oilier?

NO! Regular use of the Krya Classic hair oil, weekly application of the Krya Classic hair mask, and washing your hair with the Krya Classic hair wash, will balance out aggravated Pitta dosha in your hair. So your scalp will be more balanced, greying will be reduces, hair fall will be under control and hair will be thicker, stronger and have better strength.

 Good Ayurvedic hair oil is GREAT for hair. We have been unfortunately turned away from the benefits of good Ayurvedic hair oil through false marketing and propaganda designed to sell petroleum based synthetic products.

How do I know if the Krya Classic hair oil is the right hair oil for my hair type?
We have given clear descriptions of what kind of hair each Krya hair range is formulated for. This can be re-read in our "Description" tab below. If in doubt, after reading through the website, please give Krya Customer Service a call on (0)75500-89090. Each Krya hair care product is formulated specifically for a particular prakriti or a particular hair complaint. Make sure you are choosing the right product for your hair type. 

How to use the Krya Classic hair oil for maximum hair benefits & other FAQs?

We have covered this in detail in our How to use” tabThis tab also covers other doubts such as, “How to use hair oil for people with sinusitis”, “should oil be warmed before use”, “Will use of the oil cause a cold?” etc. Please read the “How to use” tab for usage instructions and to clear all other doubts BEFORE placing your order.


Sizing & Number of Uses per pack

The Krya Classic hair oil is a 100 ml pack. When the bottle is used as instructed, it lasts between 1 - 1.5 months for below shoulder length to waist length hair. Very dry scalps can absorb surprisingly large amounts of oil, so usage also depends upon your individual prakriti and state of your scalp and hair. 

The Krya Classic hair oil is a whole plant and cold pressed vegetable oil and butter based product. It is cruelty free and vegan.


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