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Krya Anti-Acne Face Wash (100 gm)

Quick Overview

Is your skin prone to acne? Is your skin generally oily, especially in the T-zone? Does your skin feel itchy and inflamed and is generally sensitive to changes in product  or weather? Do you tend to have blemishes, old acne scars and blackheads and whiteheads across your face?

You need to try the Krya Anti-Acne Face wash.

The Krya Anti-Acne Face wash is made from a carefully chosen list of grains, herbs, leaves and fruits which are known for their anti-bacterial, skin clearing, sebum secretion controlling, astringent and healing properties.  

Regular use helps improve the appearance of acne prone skin and helps even out scars and blemishes.

 This is a soap free, SLS+SleS free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, PEG free, triclosan free, petroleum-free, artificial dye and colour free, and synthetic free formulation. All of Krya’s products use only forest collected or organically grown grains, lentils and herbs, and contain no synthetics.

Benzoyl peroxide is a common chemical used in anti-acne products. It is a known skin, eye and respiratory irritant. There are also a few concerns about its eco toxicity and its effect on other important organ systems within the body.

Triclosan is another common ingredient used in anti acne products for its anti bacterial effect. There is growing research to suggest that the increased use of triclosan is giving rise to the growth of superbugs – bacteria resistant to antibiotics. A few studies also indicate that triclosan could be a thyroid and and hormone disruptor.

The Krya Anti-Acne Face wash is a non-foaming, soap-free, SLS + SLeS free, Paraben-free, Phthlate free, synthetic colour+fragrance free, PEG-free , hydroquinone free, petroleum free, and basically synthetic free product.

This is a 100 gm pack.

It will give you approximately 30 washes.

Use as per instructions given below.

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