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Krya Conditioning Hairwash ( 100 gm)

Quick Overview

Is your hair curly? perpetually dry? Full of static when you comb it? Does it tangle easily? Does it break when you brush / comb it, tug at it or wash it? Has it often been described as "vekkal" or straw ? Have you been religiously using conditioners, leave-on serums and intensive repair products on your hair on the advice of your stylist and still seeing no change? Does even using a so called gentle baby shampoo leave your hair feeling dried out?

The Myth of the Gentle and Conditioning Shampoo: 
Unlike what synthetic shampoos tell you, using a shampoo and conditioner will not give you healthy or well nourished hair. The purpose of a hair wash product is to cleanse your hair of oil, dead cells and debris. This cleansing has to be done without altering the pH of the scalp and hair, without damaging the delicate cuticular structure of your hair, and without altering the working of your sebaceous glands.

However, time and again we have seen how this delicate balance of the hair and scalp is shattered repeatedly by the use of a synthetic shampoo. The primary surfactants in any synthetic shampoo (SLS and SLeS) are extremely harsh, synthetic degreasing agents developed for industrial cleaning. Here’s the crucial point here: even if you are buying a SLS free or sulphate free synthetic shampoo, you are still buying a shampoo whose primary ingredient is a commercial surfactant. A commercial surfactant is designed to do one thing and one thing only – remove oil and remove dirt. By the nature of this format which is application plus immediately rinsing, it is untrue to expect any delivery of nutrition, health or well being.

Then why does your hair temporarily feel smooth and glossy after using a shampoo?  

 All of us buy into this shampoo hair health myth because of a single reason: silicones / artificial conditioning agents. The irony is that silicones were first added to shampoos in order to smoothen out hair that was damaged by the harshness of shampoos. As shampoos started out being alkaline, they tampered with hair’s structure and caused damage in the cuticular structure leaving hair drier, frizzier and full of static. Silicones and other conditioning agents and pH adjusting agents were added to shampoo formulations to smoothen over these defects. Please note the use of the word “smoothen over” – the silicones do not heal or repair but simply added an artificial smooth layer over the damaged hair that mislead you into believing that your hair is actually healthy.

 So when we begin washing and over washing our hair with a synthetic shampoo, our hair feels smooth and shiny because of the silicones in the shampoo. The hair also looks glossy for a while and we are fooled into believing that our hair is healthy and full of life. Soon, the excessive oiliness on the scalp, the thinning of the hair, the fact that the hair breaks easily and the hairfall now make us understand that the smoothness and glossiness we were temporarily fooled by were just decoys – our hair is in real danger.

The Krya difference : using the first principles dictated by Ayurveda 

Ayurveda teaches us that hair that is curly generally tends to be drier than straight hair. Also, people where vata dosha is dominant tend to have drier hair, scalps and skin. Therefore the Krya extra conditioning haircare range is designed for curly hair or for people with predominantly a vata constitution. 

The Krya conditioning hairwash powder is a sulphate and synthetic surfactant free hairwash that especially suits the kind of hair and scalp we have described. Unlike synthetic shampoos filled with external silicones, the Krya hairwash is neither harsh nor does it simply coat the external surface of hair.

Because of the deep conditioning herbs and gentle herb surfactants that are used in this Hairwash, the product is gentle on vata constitution driven hair. The high proportion of conditioning herbs ensures that hair remains tangle free with regular use. The gentle surfactants and natural acidic nature of the product ensure that the cuticular structure of hair remains undamaged and the hair retains its natural gloss and shine. The product also does not dry out hair or strip scalp of sebum - so with regular use you will find that scalp itchiness, flaking and dryness reduce and hair tends to break less. 

About the Krya conditioning hairwash:

Made from a carefully researched and tested formulation that uses 21 ayurvedic herbs to cleanse, naturally condition, restore gloss and shine and remove bacteria and fungi from the scalp.

Controlling scalp and hair dryness:

We strongly recommend using this hairwash along with the Krya Conditioning hair oil for visible results on balancing vata dosha and controlling hair static frizziness, dryness and to promote hair growth. A regular abhyanga also helps those with a predominant vata constitution.

Sizing & Prices :
This is a 100 gram pack.  This pack will last for 7 – 10 washes depending upon the length of the hair. This is a cruelty free and vegan product – uses only plants and not any animal derived ingredients.


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