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Krya Dishwash Subscription Pack ( 12 pieces)

Quick Overview

1. This is a subscription pack for 12 pieces of the Krya dishwash powder 350 gm pack
2. You pay Rs 2080 upfront and save Rs 200 when compared to buying 12 individual pieces of the dishwash.
3. You get free shipping as always and this price includes upto 12 free shipments anywhere in India.
4. On the day you order this subscription pack, we will send you 2 pieces of the Krya dishwash 350 gm pack by default.
5. In case you want more than 2 pieces or just one piece, you can send us a mail to and mention the number required.
6. Then the next time you near the end of your dishwash supply, all you have to do is send a mail to and mention the number of pieces of dishwash that you require.
7. This price of Rs 2080 includes all taxes.

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