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Krya Natural Floor Cleaner - Sookshma (unscented)(200 gm)

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Looking for a completely natural, non-toxic way to clean floors? Try the new Krya truly natural Un-scented Floor Cleanser - Sookshma.

The Krya Un-scented Floor Cleaner- Sookshma is is made using 23 Ayurvedic Rakshoghna (antibacterial) and Krimighna (insect repelling) herbs and plant resins like Vacha, Shirisha, Khadira, etc. This formulation is suggested for homes with very small children, premature infants, patients,  sensitive geriatrics and those with respiratory allergies/issues (asthma, wheezing, hayfever, etc).

Both Krya floor cleaners contain prana positive, spiritually uplifting herbs and dravyas as suggested in the Ayurvedic Samhitas to cleanse the spiritual and etheric energy of the home.


Pack Size: 200 gm pack. 

Ahimsa Credentials: Vegan, Cruelty-free

Pet safety: Not recommended for homes with Pets due to use of Edible Camphor which is considered dangerous to cats and dogs. Edible camphor is safe for human beings and is also repellant to crawling insects. We plan to come up with a third variant that is suitable for homes with Pets.

Environmental credentials: Compostable, Biodegradable. Grey water post mopping can be discharged after filtering into water harvesting channel. Cannot be discharged directly into the garden due to use of strong plant resins like edible camphor.


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