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Krya Natural Dish wash Powder for Brass & Copper (Fragrance Free)

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Is your synthetic dishwash scaring you with its excessive synthetic foam, bright colours and strong artifical fragrances?  Are you looking for a safer and more natural dishwash solution for your brass and copper vessels? 


Synthetic cleaning products like your dishwash are full of petrochemical derived surfactants, enzymes, suspect dyes, fillers, chemical fragrances and additives. They are toxic to human health, unsafe around children and pets and extremely hazardous to the environment.


Try the New Krya natural dishwash powder for brass and copper instead!

The new Krya natural dishwash powder for brass and copper is formulated using a researched and tested combination of cleansing herbs, herbs that add a natural astringency and shien to brass and copper vessels, herbs that cut grease and verdigris from these vessels.


Every one of these herbs has been used in Ayurevda for thousands of years and is extremely safe on skin and the environment.


This product is fragrance free, colours and synthetic additive free and is made completely from plants and not petroleum. Recommended for puja vessels, diyas and other brass and copper vessels. This is a 200 gram pack. It is a cruelty free & vegan product ( does not used any animal derived ingredients) . Price includes all taxes. Designed for hand washing of dishes ; not yet tested in a dishwashing machine

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