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Krya Classic Skin Balancing System - Face

Quick Overview

The Pitta Prakriti Skin : normal to oily

Ayurveda classifies all of us as per our dominant dosha. All of us are made up of a unique combination of doshas which is determined at conception, and is further bolstered by the food we eat, the lifestyle we maintain and the place we live in.

Pitta dominant prakriti (constitution) is characterised by skin that is normal - oily.  This skin tends have a prominent T zone, with the occurrence of pimples especially around the periods or after rich oily food. Pitta type skin also tends to get flushed easily in heat or after sun exposure, and can easily develop heat based skin conditions like prickly heat or rashes which are reddish and slightly inflammed and warm to touch. 

Normal to Oily skin (Pitta prakriti) also tends to have pronounced body odour due to the action of Pitta dosha. Sweating is generally high in this Prakriti and Summer is when the excesses of Pitta is at its worst. So in summer you may notice a heightening of oiliness,  heat rashes, high sweating and strong body odour.

Why a synthetic facewash or a soap worsens oiliness of Pitta Prakriti (Normal - Oily) Skin: 

The primary constituent of a synthetic facewash is the surfactant SLS, or SLeS. Skin care products designed for normal - oily skin contain a higher amount of surfactants in the mistaken belief that oiliness in the skin should be aggressively removed and dried out for hair health. SLS and SLES dissolve your skin's sebum layer and strip skin of all its natural oils leaving you with dry skin and hair.


“The lathering power of liquid soaps is actually an enemy. It can bubble the oil out of your skin” says Dr. Marianne O’Donoghue, associate professor of dermatology at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center and spokeswoman for the American Academy of Dermatology.


Pitta prakriti skin and hair (normal - oily hair) reacts aggressively to this systematic stripping of sebum.  The excessive harshness of this product usually forces a defensive skin reaction where the skin and scalp starts to aggressively produce sebum to make up for the loss. Therefore your skin's sebum production is usually unbalanced and tending towards excessive oiliness. 

In time, with imbalance of the sebacaous glands and unchecked Pitta dosha, you will find that your skin ages much more rapidly especially in areas where sebum production is generally low , like your laugh lines and around the eyes.

Try the Krya Classic Skin Balancing system - Face 

The Krya Classic Skin balancing system-Face has been specially formulated to gently nourish without aggravating oil production, cleanse without stripping skin of natural oils, balance the doshas and lighten blemishes and scars on the face. 

The entire system uses Pitta balancing, skin nourishing herbs and rich natural fruit acids and vegetables that are renowned in caring for this kind of skin. As with all of our products, all these products are made using organically growth grains, lentils, forest collected herbs, fruits and vegetables and cold pressed organic vegetable oils. No synthetics, sulphates, fragrances, colours, or preservatives are used. Every product is 100% natural and chemical free, manufactured mindfully, is biodegradable and compostable and is vegan and cruelty free. 

What goes into the system? 

The Krya Classic Skin Balancing System - Face consists of 3 products: the Krya Classic Face wash with Green Tea & Chamomile (100 g), The Krya Classic face Mask (100 g) & the Krya Classic Skin Oil  (50 ml).  When used regularly together, the Krya Classic skin system balances sebum production, lightens scars and pigmentation and leaves skin feeling clean, nourished and healthy. 

As with all Krya products, these products are vegan and cruelty free. Prices include all taxes. Ships all over India. 

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