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Krya Harmony Hair Oil (100 ml)

Quick Overview

With the sharp rise of stress at work, difficult deadlines and long commutes, we are seeing a different kind of hairfall today – one that is caused by a high degree of mental stress.

Ayurveda tells us that a high degree of mental stress can excite vata dosha. In these situations we would typically see an inability or difficulty falling asleep, an inability to focus, severe restlessness, varying appetite with occasional binge eating, difficulty in switching off after work and a very high use of laptops or cell phones as you continue to work long after normal work hours.

Sometimes this is accompanied by dry skin, dull hair, severe hair breakage and aches and pains in the body especially across the back and musculoskeletal system.


What happens to hair during stress?

Sudden, inexplicable hairfall

Stress takes about 180 days to show up on hair, so when we receive complaints of sudden, inexplicable hairfall, we try and trace events that occurred about 3 – 4 months back to understand the cause.

Stress appears to excessively stimulate our androgenic hormones, perhaps to help with our flight or fight response. While the physical pathway of how stress works continues to be unravelled, its net result on hair and skin is quite certain. In times of stress, your hair’s Anagen phase abruptly shifts to Catagen phase. In normal hair, atleast 85% of hair is supposed to be in Anagen phase at any point of time, and only 1% transitions to Catagen phase.

This ratio is altered in times of stress, as a large proportion of Anagen phase hair shifts abruptly to the Catagen phase. This causes a sudden loss of much larger amounts of hair. 


Drying out of scalp and hair

High stress and therefore excitation of vata dosha increases dryness across the body. In hair, this dryness shows up as hair that looks dull, that is extra frizzy, that gets tangled easily, and that has a lack of lustre. In addition you may find an increase in spilt ends and hair breakage


The Krya harmony hair oil: designed to work with hair that is dull, dry and breaking because of high stress

Ayurveda advises us to use specific herbs in oils in applications that are designed to calm down mental stress. One of the key herbs we use in the Krya harmony hair oil is Brahmi. Not only is Brahmi a great aid to memory, it also helps calm and soothe down overwrought nerves and aids good sleep. Along with Brahmi, the Krya harmony hair oil also uses powerful hair restoring and nourishing herbs like Indian gooseberry, Chebulic Myrobalan, Nutgrass and Moringa leaf. The hair oil uses a base of organic and cold pressed pure vegetable oils like coconut, sesame, and kokum butter that richly nourish hair and scalp. A complete list of herbs with their provenance is given below.

This is a 100 ml pack. All of Krya's products are vegan & cruelty-free and do NOT contain any synthetic or animal origin ingredients

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