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Krya Moisture Plus Skin Nourishing System - Face ( Save Rs 95)

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The Vata Prakriti Skin : normal to dry

Ayurveda classifies all of us as per our dominant dosha. All of us are made up of a unique combination of doshas which is determined at conception, and is further bolstered by the food we eat, the lifestyle we maintain and the place we live in.

Vata dominant prakriti (constitution) is characterised by skin that is normal - dry.  This skin tends to be flaky around laugh lines and the eyes. It feels stretched or taut in the cold season or soon after washing it. It feels dry and rough and can feel worse in cold, dry climates of with frequent ac exposure. This is the kind of skin that requires frequent moisturisation and seems to "drink" in moisturisers or oils when applied. 

Vata skin wrinkles quicker than other types of skin. There is also visible and prominent dry and flaking skin around the knees, legs and the arms. 

Why a synthetic facewash or a soap dries out Vata Prakriti (Normal - Dry) Skin: 

The primary constituent of a synthetic facewash is the surfactant SLS, or SLeS. SLS and SLES dissolve your skin's sebum layer and strip skin of all its natural oils leaving you with dry skin and hair. “The lathering power of liquid soaps is actually an enemy. It can bubble the oil out of your skin” says Dr. Marianne O’Donoghue, associate professor of dermatology at Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center and spokeswoman for the American Academy of Dermatology.

Vata prakriti skin and hair (normal - dry hair) which is already low on protective skin oils, tends to react very quickly to this systematic stripping of sebum.  The excessive harshness of this product usually makes both skin and scalp feel very stretched, taut, itchy and uncomfortable. You may also develop visible whitish flaking around thinner areas like around the mouth and eyes. The skin feels very uncomfortable and stretched unless it is copiously moisturised. 

In time, you will find that your skin ages much more rapidly especially in areas where sebum production is generally low , like your laugh lines and around the eyes.

Try the Krya Moisture Plus Skin Nourishing system - Face 

The Krya Moisture Plus Skin Nourishing system - Face  has been specially formulated to gently nourish without agrresively robbing skin of precious natural oils, clenases without irritating and helps retain much needed moisture in the skin. The oil in addition is designed to gently restore nourishment back to thirsty skin and helps give the skin a healthy radiance with frequent and regular use.

 The entire system uses Vata balancing, skin nourishing herbs and rich natural fruit acids and vegetables that are renowned in caring for this kind of skin. As with all of our products, all these products are made using organically growth grains, lentils, forest collected herbs, fruits and vegetables and cold pressed organic vegetable oils. No synthetics, sulphates, fragrances, colours, or preservatives are used. Every product is 100% natural and chemical free, manufactured mindfully, is biodegradable and compostable and is vegan and cruelty free. 

What goes into the system? 

 The Krya Moisture Plus Skin Nourishing System - Face consists of 3 products: the Krya Moisture Plus Face wash woth Gotu Kola & Indian Liquorice (100 g), The Krya Moisture Plus face Mask with Fennel & Orange Flower (100 g) & the Krya Moisture Plus Skin Oil with Durva & Pomegranate (50 ml).  When used regularly together, the Krya Moisture Plus skin nourishing system nourishes skin, restores its moisture and leaves it feeling clean, radiant and well taken care of.  

As with all Krya products, these products are vegan and cruelty free. Prices include all taxes. Ships all over India. 

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