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Krya Moisture Plus Skin Oil ( with Durva & Pomegranate) - ( 50 ml )

Quick Overview

  • The Krya Moisture Plus Skin Oil with (Durva & Pomegranate) is designed as a frequent (can be used daily), Pre-Bath moisturizing product.

  • Ayurveda recommends that the skin should be left free to breathe without the pores being blocked - which is the reason you should not apply a moisturizer after the bath

  • Therefore the correct order is to aplly Oil on the skin before the bath, soak for a few minutes, followed by a bath with a grain-based cleanser

  • If you are currently following the habit of applying a body lotion after your bath, you should stop the habit immediately and switch to the Krya Moisture Plus Skin Oil and apply it Pre-Bath

  • This Oil has been formulated with herbs that have rasayana , complexion enhancing and demulcent properties

  • The lead ingredients are Durva Grass ( Arugumpul in Tamil ) and Organic Pomegranate fruit.

  • This oil is a yellowish green colour and is has excellent skin nourishing and moisturizing properties. We recommend its use for people who have dry skin or if you are in a very cold ,dry winter climate.

  • This Krya Moisture Plus Body Wash & The Moistue Plus Face-Wash are ideally suited to work along with this Oil. These 3 products can be purchased together as the Krya Moisture Plus Skin System and the system gives you a saving of Rs 145 off when compared to buying these products sperately.

  • The Krya Moisture Plus Skin Oil does not have the strong Dosha-Balancing properties of the Krya Abhyanga Oil. So for your weekly Abhyanga you should still use the Krya Abhyanga Oil

  • This is vegan and cruelty-free product.

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