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Krya Classic Plus Hair wash (100 gm)

Quick Overview

“Jalasiktasya vardhante yathaa mole ankurastharoh

Thadha dhatu vivriddhirhi snehasiktasya jaayathe” 


“Just like a plant sprouts new and tender leaves by the regular supply of water to its roots,

so also the tissues of the human body grow with a freshness and luxuriance by oil application on the skin and hair. “ – Sushruta Samhita

Why is hair oiling so essential in Ayurveda:

The eyes are considered a seat of pitta (besides the liver which is also an important pitta point). By their activity and by the signals they send to the brain, the eyes and the brain generate heat or pitta in the body, which needs to be controlled so that they can function normally.

Excess pitta leads to premature greying, weakens the digestive Agni leading to frequent diarrhoea or loose motion, and can cause diseases of pitta like jaundice, high fevers, inflamed skin, dermatitis with itchy skin, etc. In order to bring down the pitta, regular oiling of the areas which generate pitta like the head are a must. Through frequent use of oil in this area, new hair growth is encouraged, the hair grows deep rooted, strong and firm, does not break easily and grows longer and more thicker and luxuriantly.


Why is a modern shampoo laden with synthetic surfactants bad for hair?

  • The most important ingredient in a shampoo is the part that cleans. And this comes ingredients like SLS, SLES or even ALS (Ammonium lauryl sulphate) and its ethoxylated cousin ALES (ammonium Laureth sulphate). We are extremely concerned about the all pervasive and toxic nature of SLS and SLES – you will find SLS / SLES in almost everything that foams and is a cleanser of some sort from your laundry detergent to your baby wash and of course your shampoo.


  • Sulphates were initially used as cheap detergents – typically in car washes and mechanic workshops to easily cut through axle grease. They are today widely used to lift off grease from hair and to clean your body, face and even your clothes.

The 3 major concerns over the use of SLS and SLeS in shampoos:

We have 3 major concerns over the almost obsessive use of SLS and SLES by the consumer product industry. The first is that both these Lauryl Sulfates  are almost too effective at stripping hair (and skin)  of its protective layer of oil – the result, all the vital and necessary sebum in your hair which protects the cuticles and its integrity is stripped out, leaving it dull and lifeless.

The second issue is of its nature as an irritant. The Journal of the American college of Toxicology notes that concentrations of SLS that are as low as 0.5% (and upto 10%) cause slight to moderate skin irritation, while 10% - 30% routinely causes skin corrosion and severe irritation. Ironically, in lab testing of skin care products like healing creams or lotions, skin is first irritated using SLS before it can be healed with the test product! SLS also causes severe eye irritation which is a point of note if you want to use it in a shampoo that is definitely going to reach your eyes.

 The third issue is of destruction and aging – and this should get your interest right now. SLS is described as a protein de-naturing compound. So with consistent use, it will break down the protein matrix of your hair, effectively stopping hair regeneration and impeding its health. On skin, SLS will disrupt the protein structures in it and could hasten skin aging.


The Krya Festive Hairwash

Just like our other Krya hairwash powders, the Krya festive hairwash is an SLS and SLeS free, paraben free, silicone free, completely natural alternative to syntehtic shampoos. It has been designed following traditional ayurvedic principles of hair cleansing and contains hair nurturing and cleansing herbs like Methika (fenugreek), Amla (Indian gooseberry), Curry Leaf, Krishna Tulsi, Rose petals and traditional conditioning herbs.

The hairwash works to gently but thoroughly cleanse well oiled hair , without stripping it of sebum or altering the cellular structure of the hair strands.  


 As all of Krya's products, this is a vegan, cruelty-free and syntehtic product. This is a 100 gm pack. Prices include all taxes in India.





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