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Krya Intense Hair Oil - with Ratanjot & Ashwagandha (50 ml)

Quick Overview

Are you experiencing sudden, extremely intensive hair fall post a severe illness or medical treatment? In most cases, the reason for Hair problems is a simple imbalance. This does not need an advanced or specialised system and the body responds very quickly to the diet and lifestyle and product changes to give you good results.

However, for sudden hairfall brought on by long term illness, surgery or high medication, the body struggles to heal itself. In this case, the body requires a little bit of assistance. 


Why does hairfall occur after a long or severe illness as per Ayurveda?

Indralupta is the condition described in Ayurveda which is closest to alopecia. Here the texts describe that hair fall is both sudden and intense where the hair becomes weak rooted and falls on the slightest pressure. Indralupta is usually seen as a tridosha disorder where 2 things happen:


Aggravated Pitta and Vata enters into the hair follicle. The effect of these 2 doshas is twofold: Pitta heats the hair follicle, dries out moisture and thins it down and greys it. Vata sucks out oil and moisture and dries out the hair. It also weakens the root making it fall very easily. Kapha which produces Sleshma (oily and fatty layer giving strength) oozes below the scalp, blocking the follicles from sprouting new hair. Therefore you have 2 doshas weakening existing hair and making them fall and the third dosha preventing the growth of new hair.


Indralupta therefore sees symptoms attributed to derangement of all 3 doshas: deranged vata will cause dryness, whitish discoloration of scalp, and rough frizzy hair that breaks and falls. Deranged Pitta will cause premature greying and thinning and ring pattern balding. Deranged kapha will cause prevention of hair growth. Depending upon the dosha imbalance in the specific person, we could have Vataja Indralupta where the deranged Vata is very high, Kaphaja Indralupta, where Kapha derangement is highest and Pittaja Indralupta where Pitta derangement is highest.


The Krya Intense hairfall growth promoting hair oil:

 We launched the Krya Intense hair oil last year, after we began receiving requests for hair growth products from Chemotherapy patients. Our research into hair loss took us to how Ayurveda defines Indralupta (sudden, intense hair loss) and we co related it with the kind of medication that Chemotherapy & radiation therapy patients received, so we could understand which doshas were imbalanced.


 Our list of customers for the Intense hair oil slowly started expanding: we recommended this product to people who had undergone major surgeries, who had prolonged illnesses, and had been on medication for many years. We have also used the Krya Intense hair oil in severe cases of PCOD and fertility treatment related hair loss. 


The Krya Intense hairfall growth promoting hair oil is made from an in-house formulation that has been painstakingly researched, tested and formulated. The hair oil is made from 24 different fresh and dried hair growth promoting herbs, vegetables and fruits like Nettle Leaf, Indravalli , Brahmi & Bhringaraj. These 24 herbs are blended in 4 different cold pressed, organic oils & butters including Coconut, Kokum butter, Apricot Oil & sesame Oil. We use NO extracts. We use ONLY whole leaves, roots, fruits, and vegetables when making our Ayurvedic hair oils. Read the complete list of Ingredients in our “Description” tab below.

How is the Krya Intense hair oil different from other hair oils in the market? Why is it good for my hair?

Almost all hair oils commonly available in the market are made using Light Liquid Paraffin, hexane extracted base oils and synthetic herb extracts (if claimed). They also use synthetic colours and perfumes and often synthetic silicones that coat the hair masking hair damage. The constant use synthetic hair oil can clog the pores of the scalp, aggravate Pitta dosha in the body, accelerate hair greying and also cause allergic reactions to the dyes and fragrances in the oil. This will worsen the condition of the scalp & hair post a severe illness and accelerate hairfall.


The Krya Intense hair oil, on the other hand, is a well researched, carefully formulated, authentic Ayurvedic hair oil made especially for intensive hairfall post illness. The herbs used in the formula are specially selected to stimulate hair growth in a sluggish system and helps balance the system.


As with all our hair oils, the Krya Intense hair oil is also made using the Classic Ayurvedic oil manufacturing process of “Tila Paka”. Each batch of hair oil takes us 168 hours to make. Read more about our special Oil manufacturing process in our “Description” tab below.


Can we offer guarantees about hair growth if our products are used?

 We empathise with this question. Surviving and recovering after a major illness is tough in itself. When we see severe hairfall over and above that, it does tend to bring down our confidence levels. However, the success or the failure of natural herbs and natural treatments differs from person to person. 

Many factors come into play which include your body’s state of health, your state of mind (if you are depressed or stressed, it is much harder for any treatment to have an impact), the access you have to good quality food, the stress levels in your life and your ability to do something about it, and your willingness to make all the changes suggested to improve your health. Over and above all of this, we have to factor in your genes, and your body’s current state of health and its willingness to make the change.

 Choosing a good set of chemical free, properly formulated Ayurvedic hair care products is a good start. In addition, it is important to incorporate good quality regimens like an abhyanga into your daily routine to help balance your doshas. Eating sensibly and correctly for your illness is also very critical. Health and beauty start with every morsel of food we eat.

 For suggestions on a good diet and regimen post illness, do write to us.


 How do I know if the Krya Intense hair oil is the right hair oil for my hair type?

We have given clear descriptions of what kind of hair each Krya hair range is formulated for. This can be re-read in our "Description" tab below. If in doubt, after reading through the website, please give Krya Customer Service a call on (0)75500-89090. Each Krya hair care product is formulated specifically for a particular prakriti or a particular hair complaint. Make sure you are choosing the right product for your hair type. 


How to use the Krya Intense hair oil for maximum hair benefits & other FAQs?

We have covered this in detail in our “How to use” tab.

This tab also covers other doubts such as, “How to use hair oil for people with sinusitis”, “should oil be warmed before use”, “Will use of the oil cause a cold?” etc. Please read the “How to use” tab for usage instructions and to clear all other doubts.


Sizing & Number of Uses per pack

The Krya Intense hair oil is a 50 ml pack. When the bottle is used as instructed, it lasts approximately a month for shoulder length  hair. Very dry scalps can absorb surprisingly large amounts of oil, so usage also depends upon your individual prakriti and state of your scalp and hair.

 The Krya Intense hair oil is a whole plant and cold pressed vegetable oil and butter based product. It is cruelty free and vegan.


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