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Krya Abhyanga System for Women ( Save Rs100 !)

Quick Overview

  • The Krya Abhyanga system for Women contains the following 2 products

    1.   Krya Abhyanga Oil with Vacha & Ashwagandha) - 100 ml

    2. The Krya Women's Ubtan - Abhyanaga Bath Powder - 200 gm

  • Krya strongly recommends a regular Abhynaga ( oil massage ) followed by a bath with the Krya Ubtan powder as building block for good health & great skin

  • Benefits of abhyanga :

    • Vata vitiation (an excess or a reduction of vaayu) is one of the chief cause of disease in ayurveda – nearly 50% of all diseases can be traced to vata vitiation. Seemingly disparate complaints from cervical spondylitis, joint and back aches, dry skin, dull and lifeless hair, emaciation, irritability and poor digestive capacity can all find its roots in vitiated vata.


    • One of the primary treatment for vata vitiation is abhyanga with “tila taila” , sesame based oil. This abhyanga balances vata and helps draw ama and toxins out through the skin. One of the first symptoms of this toxin removal will be increased digestive activity, better elimination and an improved appetite.

    • Even if you are only looking for external cosmetic benefits, you could do no better than to start with a regular oil bath. By oiling your body regularly, letting it soak and then cleansing it with a mixture of prescribed lentils and grains, you efficiently draw out and remove the accumulated dirt and toxins form the millions of pores on your skin. When you perform the full abhyanga – head to toe oil bath (as prescribed once or twice a week) , you help double or treble the action of your hair follicles resulting in healthier hair. 

  • This system has an MRP of Rs 935 ,which is a saving of Rs 100 when compared to buying these 2 products individually

  • All of Krya's products are vegan, cruelty-free & not tested on Animals

  • This product price includes free home delivery anywhere in India

  • Cash-on-Delivery available


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