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Krya Moisture Plus Face Mask with Rosehips & Orange flower- Soothing, Skin repairing, healing

Quick Overview

The Krya Moisture Plus Face mask has been launched as an addition to our Moisture Plus Skin range and goes with the Krya Moisture Plus Face wash & the Krya Moisture Plus Body wash. This skin soothing, repairing and healing face mask has been designed to support healthy sebum balance in skin, repair small wounds arising from excess vata, and heal skin.  

The Krya Moisture Plus Face Mask is made from a well researched combination of 18 skin healing & nourishing ingredients. We use a combination of traditional and new age ingredients that help dry and mature skin. The traditional ingredients we use, have been mentioned in Ayurveda and Siddha as being helpful for helping healthy skin hydration like Indian Liquorice, Moringa, and Fennel. We use very soothing and gentle base ingredients that are extremely high in their skin nourishing properties like Oatgrass , Wheatgrass & East Indian Arrowroot.  Our formulation is also high in ingredinets that boost Vitamin C to help healthy collagen production like Rose hips, Rose petals, Pomello Leaf and Orange flower.  Along with these herbs, the Krya Moisture Plus face mask also uses our special batch of medicated mung beans which have been steeped in herb decoctions to enhance their skin potency.

All of Krya’s products use only forest collected or organically grown grains, lentils and herbs, and contain absolutely no synthetics.

A common synthetic chemical used in washes and masks meant for dry skin is commercial occlusive moisturisers like petroleum based jellies, urea. These ingredinets are not truly moisturzing and act either forming a barrier layer on skin or as a humectant. They do not improveor work with the skin's cellular structure in any way to help repair or heal it. In addition most synthetic products contain alcohol, preservatives and synthetic surfactants like SLS and SLeS which are extremely drying to skin over time.  

The Krya Moisture Plus Face Mask is a non-foaming, soap-free, SLS-free,  SLeS-free, Paraben-free, Phthlate-free, synthetic colours and fragrance free, PEG-free , hydroquinone-free, petroleum free product.

This is a 100 gm pack.

It will give you 8 – 10 masks. Use as per instructions given below.

Goes with:  Krya Moisture Plus Face Wash, Krya Moisture Plus Body wash

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