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Our Story

Hello there!

Thank you for spending this time on the Krya website and your interest in leading a more sustainable life.

We are Preethi & Srinivas, the co-founders of Krya. In our first careers we spent 15 years between us building brands and managing sales functions in other companies. In 2009 we took a clean break from work to re-examine our lives; in order to lead a life congruent with our passions and principles.

An important mission at the start of our then new life was to eliminate toxic substances at home and the development of alternatives to these synthetic or chemical products. We started with herbs and plant based ingredients and an understanding of their properties derived from Indian knowledge systems.

After a few months of research we came up a few nifty ideas for everyday products like detergent, dish-wash, mosquito repellents, hair and body powders; all made from plants. Soon we were living in a fragrant, surprisingly clean home and our hair and skin glowed with new energy. We realised that plant based products properly prepared and used, were not just good for the planet but also great for our skin, hair, clothes, dishes and the rest of our homes.

And thus started Krya in May of 2010.

Krya is proudly cruelty free and vegan (as are we) and we spend our time researching and creating the best plant based products for you. We design our products to fit easily into an urban dweller’s busy life, to help you make an easy transition to a more sustainable life. Our customized and friendly after sales support will help you get the best out of a Krya product. 

Every product we launch has been tested personally by us for several months. We only launch products which we are thrilled with and believe will make a genuine impact in your life. We think about the product right from manufacture to usage and disposal and incorporate sustainability into every part of its lifecycle.


The Krya Philosophy:

We have invented a category called "sustainable goodies" to describe our products. We design our sustainable goodies with 5 principles:

1. Cradle to Cradle Design

Every part of our product has been designed to be recycled or re-used. This minimizes wastage at every point in the product's life cycle.

2. Minimal Ecological footprint

 Using our ecological footprint scorecard, we evaluate and choose raw material sources, manufacturing processes, transport     choices and continually endeavor to shrink our products’ environmental impact

3. Use of natural ingredients :

We use natural ingredients close to their natural state in all our products. This creates high impact products for consumers and minimises the product’s environmental impact

4. Vegan products

All our products are cruelty free. They are also free from animal derived ingredients which gives them a very high ethical and environmental impact.

5. High impact products
We design products that are easy to adopt and work really well. 


What's next?

We have many bright ideas cooking in the lab in categories that we love like skin and hair care and other household cleaners. We look forward to creating a strong portfolio of sustainable goodies that will help Indians make a positive environmental contribution through simple mindful actions like doing the laundry, or cleaning the dishes.


We would love to hear from you. So if you have any questions about our products and our work, do call us or email us.

 Phone: 91-44–32229090

Email: Preethi or Srinivas at krya dot in