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I. The Krya detergent

1. Will the Krya detergent make my whites dazzling white?

The Krya detergent works really well to clean all types of clothes including whites. Krya will maintain your whites well, as they are. That said, the Krya detergent does not contain synthetic bleach or blueing agents that most chemical detergents use to make whites look “whiter”. This is a good thing, as it means that your white garment will last longer when cared for with Krya because it does not contain bleaching agents.

2. Does it foam?

Yes. Rather well. We even shot a video, which you can see on our youtube channel. It is gentle, fluffy foam, which means that you save water as it requires less rinsing.

3. Does it remove stains?

We have tested the Krya detergent on a battery of common stains including turmeric, chocolate, sauce, blood, oil, grease and mud. The Krya detergent performed as well or better than any chemical detergent on removing these stains.
Of course, stain removal requires a little manual effort. Make a paste of the Krya detergent in water. Scrub the stain as soon as it occurs with this paste using a soft clothes brush. Then wash the garment as usual.

4. Is it tough enough for regular clothes?

Yes, we as well as hundreds of our consumers use only the Krya detergent on all our clothes and home linen. It is the only detergent in these homes.

5. Is the krya detergent economical to use?

We recommend that you use 10 gm of krya detergent for a full 5 kg washing machine load. This means that the 400 gm pack will give you 40 washes and at an MRP of Rs 290, the krya detergent cost per wash is Rs 7.25.

Common chemical detergents for washing machines cost around Rs 220 per kg. They recommend using 60 gm of their powder for a wash which gives them a cost per wash of Rs 13.2.

In usage the krya detergent is clearly more economical.

6. Can I use krya detergent in my front load washing machine?

Yes ! 
Our low foam formulation and the special nature of the foam , which is non retentive and non-sticky, makes the Krya detergent ideal to use in expensive front load and top load machines, helps extend the life of your machine.

7. Where do you manufacture it?

We manufacture the Krya detergent in a facility on the farm where we source the soapberries from. Apart from the dry climate, favourable for processing soapberries, the location keeps our manufacturing footprint low due to the proximity to the raw materials.

8. Are there enough soapberries in the world to convert everyone to natural alternatives?

There are enough natural alternatives in the world for everyone to move complete away from synthetic products. Soapberries are native to parts of Asia and India, and if encouraged and cultivated give us enough fruits for all the cleaning needs of the citizens of those parts.
Native to the Americas is the Yucca tree whose roots contains saponins, and therefore can be used as a natural detergent. Soapwort or Saponaria is a plant native to parts of Europe, which is another natural detergent.
If we are sincere in our efforts to be sustainable, nature has given us abundant options.

9. How can I re-cycle the wash water generated form my Krya wash?

This is one of the many great reasons we recommend using the krya detergent. All the wash water you generate from your washing machine can be re-used to water your plants or directed into your rainwater harvesting chennal.
Simply direct your water outlet form the machine into your garden instead of the sewage system. We have conducted tests that show that the biological oxygen demand of the krya wash water is 3.0 mg/l which meets the safety norms of the Central Pollution Control Board.
If you are washing soiled cloth diapers, the wash water from them should not be discharged to yoru garden without treatment – the rinse water from cloth diapers contains a high amount of nitrogen and ammonia (from the faeces and urine) and this should be treated as black water and treated before recycling.

II. The Krya Dishwash

10. Can I use krya dishwash to clean non-stick  utensils.?

Yes, with a soft sponge.

11. Can I use krya dishwash in a dish-washing machine?

We haven’t tested the Krya dishwash in a dishwashing machine.

12. What scrubber should I use with it?

You can use whatever scrubber you were using before. We have been testing completely natural loofah and jute based scurbbers, which you should use if you want a 100% environmentally sustainable option.

13. What do you put in it?

Besides certified organic soapberry powder, the Krya dishwash contains certified organic neem leaf powder, certified organic zedoary powder, and certified organic lemongrass essential oil.
All these ingredients have been chosen for their cleaning, deo-odorizing, skin friendly and anti bacterial properties.

14. Why does it cake up when left outside?

The soapberry, which forms a part of the krya dishwash, is hygroscopic. We recommend storing the Krya dishwash in an air tight container. Transfer a small quantity to a bowl when you start the dishes. In case some powder is left over, it can be used again the following day. However it could cake up due to the humidity if left in a open bowl although it will clean well.

15. My household helper is hesitant to try it. How should I convince her/him to use this?

While developing our formulation we interviewed the household helper in many homes and noticed a consistent fact. All of them had rough, scabbed hands and many of them had cankers and sores around their finger nails which came from constantly using harsh chemicals.
When using Krya dishwash, their skin feels much better and they do not get infectious sores or cankers while doing the dishes. The dishes continue to get clean, without causing any harm to their hands. This is a good way to convice your household staff to try out the Krya dishwash, and to demonstrate that you are a caring employer.

16. Why should I use a natural dishwash powder?

Commonly available dishwash powders and liquids contain a cocktail of harsh chemicals, which come daily in contact with your dishes. In fact on most dishwash products you will find a warning which says “do not ingest”. Now however well you rinse the dishes, there could be some chemical residue which then enters your food. Why take a chance? The krya dishwash uses only safe, certified organic plant based ingredients.

And when you use the krya dishwash you get an environmental halo too.

III. General Enquiries

17. There are no stores stocking Krya products in my area and I don’t shop online. How can I buy the Krya products?

Please deposit cash or a cheque into our account through any HDFC branch across India. Once you do that, please send us the acknowledgement number with your complete address and telephone number and we will send the products to your home.
Please email us at goodies@krya.in for our bank account details.

18. Where can I find a store in my city that stocks krya products?

Please write to goodies@krya.in for a list of stores by city

IV. Retail enquiries

19. I own a store and I want to start selling krya products. How do I start?

Please send us a e-mail to goodies@krya.in with the following details & we will get back to you
• Name and address of your store
• Website & facebook page details
• TIN number
• Can you provide us with a C-form ( in case your store is outside Tamil Nadu)

20. I run a distribution agency. Do you appoint distributors?

No. As a policy we work directly with store owners. We do not appoint distributors for our products.