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Krya Natural Detergent Powder

Quick Overview


1. Natural Detergent Powder made from certified organic soapberries
2. This is a 400 gm pack.
3. This pack will deliver 40 standard 5 kg washing machine loads
4. Designed to work in both front load & top load washing machines
5. Great for hand or bucket wash as well
6. Cruelty free and vegan product (does not use any animal derived ingredient)
7. Price includes free delivery anywhere in India & all taxes

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• Made from a proprietary blend of different species of organic, forest-collected soapberries.
• Contains no artificial additives like colours, fragrances, enzymes, bleaches or anything else
• Made from a fruit and not petroleum ( the base for chemical detergents)
• Works in both front-load and top-load washing machines and in a bucket wash.



• Washes clothes really well.
• Gentle on Fabric and keeps it soft
• Maintains Colour and Texture
• Safe on skin
• Naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in action
• Biodegradable and compostable residue
• Cruelty free and Vegan (no animal derived ingredients)


Also Recommended for

• Cottons, Handlooms and naturally dyed fabric to maintain colour and fabric
• Baby’s diapers, nappies and clothes to gently but thoroughly clean leaving behind only soft and clean clothes
• Modern cloth diapers – cleans thoroughly without build up keeping keeps inserts, pockets and covers fresh and soft




Additional Information

Name Krya Natural Detergent Powder
Ingredients No
Weight 400.0000

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  1. A must-have for Psoriasis patients review by Miriam on 3/1/19

    I had severe psoriasis and I cannot sing enough praises about Krya's detergent powders , what a difference it has made in my life!

  2. Thanks so much for this lovely product. review by Divya on 6/21/18

    I have used it only once for cloth diapers.. I'm very impressed that it's less fussy to deal with once you get the hang of the procedure( placing powder in pouch, and other pouch n powder tasks). I love it that there's no smell of anything at all. Just fresh crisp clothes. if it's a sunny day, it's a bonus :)
    It's very reassuring that no product build up can happen..

    Thanks so much for this lovely product.

  3. Such an amazing product! review by Jinali on 7/8/17

    We really think that using Krya detergent is our one more little step towards living sustainably on this planet . Excellent product , brilliant packaging and the quality of the product is hands down so unbelievably great. We love you guys and we are going to keep on buying your products !

  4. Such an amazing product! review by Jinali on 7/8/17

    We really think that using Krya detergent is our one more little step towards living sustainably on this planet . Excellent product , brilliant packaging and the quality of the product is hands down so unbelievably great. We love you guys and we are going to keep on buying your products !

  5. Great Product review by Ashwini on 1/4/16

    My mother had been suffering from skin allergy for the last ten years and have to go to skin doctor yearly thrice to take medicines. Doctor advised to avoid washing clothes as the detergents were causing allergy. Gloves were also not useful. I ordered the detergent two weeks back and its wonderful. No more hitching, burning or allergy. It is a great product and I have ordered dish wash powder today. Thanks for the excellent product.

  6. Great prodiuct for baby nappy clothes review by Anusha on 6/3/15

    Wonderful product, no need of fabric conditioners or softners.
    Planning to try it on normal laundry as well

  7. Wonderful product review by Charulatha on 8/28/14

    I was hesitant to start with due to it's cost. Free sample and usage of Cloth diapering helped me to start with Kyra detergent. My price point was beaten as the quantity used is much lower and follow the instructions as is. That is all. save money, save earth, save clothes! Be Happy! Thanks for the sample and the product!

  8. Fabulous! review by Isha on 8/2/14

    We have been using Krya since over 2 years and absolutely love it. We were using Soapnuts earlier but find this much more convenient and economical. For those with Skin issues- this is really safe and makes sure clothes come out nice and clean- naturally! Use in your machine or handwash your clothes - it works equally well and no synthetic, chemical fragrences, SLA etc...just the way we love it ! Big Thumbs up

  9. we're totally and absolutely in love with it review by Sricharan on 2/7/14

    we used krya today for the first time and thee's only one way to describe it: we're totally and absolutely in love with it. aside from the fact that it is harmless to nature and doesn't leave chemical scum during the washing process, we really love the smell of the clothes after the wash. someone described this smell as a clean smell. but i'd like to differ a bit. our bedsheets smelt like when we first bought them; a very fresh from the loom cloth-like smell, earthy and new and wonderful. while it didn't remove some stains, we're sure it will in the next few washes. and if it doesn't, the benefits far outweigh a few stains. apart from the fact that chemical overdosed commercial washing powders also don't remove stains like they advertise anyway. what a wonderful choice you have given us. god bless you and may the force be with you

  10. Thumbs Up ! review by Priya.P on 11/11/13

    Ordered it, used it and wanted to give it a huge "Thumbs Up". It's great. I have even washed my silk sarees in it and they came out looking shinier. It took a couple of attempts to figure out use in washing machine but once I figured that out, its easy. Whole heartedly recommend it. T-shirts come out of normal wash with Ariel/Surf frayed and look old within a few washes. But organic soap Krya is really good. Plus their website is good and delivery happened the very next day. I am going to try their dish washing product next.

  11. you guys are the BEST! review by Richa on 11/11/13

    I have been washing my little one's (now 5.5 months old) clothes and linen exclusively in Krya detergent since she was a newborn and I have to say I am very pleased with the result. The clothes are clean, smell of childhood nostalgia and best of all, remain soft with none of the stiffness that I associate with regular detergent. This is particularly important for me since my daughter has sensitive skin, having had infant eczema and the paediatrician advised against using fabric softeners and the like. I use Krya for her nappies and cloth diapers and have never had diaper rash issue. It's also eco-friendly, so I feel rather virtuous when I use it."

  12. Amazing product review by Harikishore Reddy on 11/8/13

    We have started using powder in my top load washing machine. Clothes are same as that are washed with Surf Excel/Ariel. Another important thing is machine will consume less water because it will not generate unnecessary foam.

    Only thing is it is priced bit high when comparing with Surf Excel /Ariel /Other detergent products in same category.

  13. Aces! review by chhavi on 9/1/13

    This worked perfectly, clothes are clean and smell fresh. Towels aren't as fluffed as the eco laundry ball makes them, but I'll live. Loved the product, will buy more before I run out.

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