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Krya is the creative partnership between Preethi Sukumaran & Srinivas Krishnaswamy.


About Preethi:

On a fine December morning, Preethi stumbled upon a video expose of the dairy industry and a compelling argument  for a plant based diet.In less than the time taken to drink a cup of her then favourite milky chai, she decided to go  vegan. Just like that.

Preethi constantly thinks about holding herself to the highest standards possible and brings the same work ethic at  Krya. She is most happy working at new product development and loves diving into her library, scouting out high quality ingredients, reading up on the latest research, and spending hours at her lab creating newer sustainable  goodies.  

She holds a bachelors degree in zoology from Stella Maris College, Chennai and an MBA from IIM (Kolkata)

Preethi looks forward to setting up Krya's own organic farm to source the best ingredients to go into Krya's sustainable goodies. 

She writes a fortnighlty column called the "Green Signal" in The Hindu newspaper on sustainable urban living.

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About Srini :

Srinivas Krishnaswamy - CEO & co-Founder, Krya Consumer Products LLP








On a fine December morning, in less than the time it took Preethi to say “vegan”, Srini decided to dive head first into the vegan life. 

Srini is most happy working on helicopter level stuff, and loves diving into future projections ,building sophisticated inventory systems, and setting up excellent profit sharing plans for future employees, all while drinking his gourmet organic espresso. 

He holds a Masters degree in Physics from IIT ( Madras) and an MBA from IIM (Bangalore)

Srini dreams of building India’s first cinematheque and looks forward to owning his first Salvador Dali soon.

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