The Abhyanga and its benefits on reducing period pain & menstrual cramps

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An Abhyanga is a valuable Dinacharya which helps regulate dosha balance and overall health in everyone. It is particularly valuable for Women and is an excellent scientific tool that helps regulate reproductive health. A regular abhyanga can help make the menstrual period regular with minimal cramping, bloating and discomfort. Why is this so? In this…

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What time to do an Abhyanga?

We often speak at Krya about the health giving benefits about doing an Abhyanga. The question we are often asked is what time to do an abhyanga? Should abhyanga time be chosen by prakriti? This post will answer this question. Choosing the right abhyanga time: body clock Everything in Ayurveda is calibrated to the body…

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Dry & sensitive skin in babies: an ayurvedic perspective

————————————————- My baby has dry & sensitive skin – how can I help her / him? – this is a question we often receive at Krya. Dry & Sensitive skin: an alarmingly common problem in babies One in 5 children in under the age of 5 years in India suffers from eczema , also called…

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