ayurvedic baby care practices : part 1

Authentic ayurvedic baby care practices

At Krya, we are often asked to describe in detail what the ayurvedic baby care practices are to be followed at home. We are also asked what the science / rationale behind some of these practices are. This is specially…

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Baby Microbiome basics – Part 1

We are in an interesting and contradictory world today. One the one hand, the rise of Western science has taken basic hygiene to unimaginable levels. So household products can successfully wipe out every last germ in our clothes or our…

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Krya formulation Tuesdays: Krya baby ubtans

The problem with synthetic baby products: As we are fond of saying, just because it smells mild, has the words “gentle or soothing” on it and promises not to cause tears, does not mean it is actually mild or even…

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