Current Openings

1.Quality Assurance Associate ( Dravya Guna / Botanical Herbs)

At Krya we use 200+ Ayurvedic herbs , grains, oils & essential oils in our wide range of proprietary formulations. A crucial part of the manufacturing process is identifying high quality herb sources and checking the actual herbs received for quality before they can be used further.  Expertise in this role would involve a good knowledge of the standard textual references on the properties of these herbs, their phenotypes, and to apply this in daily practice. Organoleptic testing ( Panchedriya Parikshan) as well as basic microbiologial lab testing skills are also crucial in this role.

A keen interest in developing knowledge of herbs, their application in an Ayurvedic frame-work, a research orientation, good record keeping skills are some of the key behaviours and skills that we are looking for in the ideal candidate.

Qualifications : Graduates / Post-Graduates in Botany can apply for this position. Fresh Graduates / Post-Graduates too can apply.

This role is based at the Krya factory in Chennai. Apply with your latest CV to