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Ayurvedic basics 1: The Origins of Ayurveda

Ayurveda : the mother lode offering health, harmony, balance, philosophy and a moral code

Why is it important to understand the Origins of Ayurveda? Krya has been working with ayurvedic herbs and formulations for over 5 years now. Yet in all this time , we have not contemplated any series on Ayurveda or discussed…

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  • Krya Classic face mask helps balance sebum, nourish and even out complexion

    Krya Classic Face Mask - clarifying , skin nourishing (375.00)
    reviewed by Ankita

    A wonderful product. Feels cooling and calming on skin and leaves my face feeling smooth and nourished. Follow the washing off with Classic oil and skin feels almost smooth as wax. I often use it for relaxation and close my eyes and just let the coolness calm me down.
    Cannot recommend enough!

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  • Krya Anti Dandruff Hair Oil nourishes and detoxifies scalp, cuts down fungal growth and provides balanced nourishment to dandruff prone scalp and hair

    Krya Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil (100 ml) (400.00)
    reviewed by Kavita K

    Hand down the best anti-dandruff product I’ve ever used! I look forward to trying other Krya products - great job team Krya, wish you great success!

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