About Us

Krya is a young IIT+IIM consumer products start-up that creates proprietary hair, skin and home care formulations based on Ayurvedic First Principles.

All of our products are proudly manufactured in our Planet+People positive Krya factory in Chennai. We do not use a single synthetic at Krya. Every single product is made WHOLLY from ayurvedic flowers, roots, stems, barks, leaves, lentils, grains, cold pressed organic oils, clays and organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables.

Every single herb is bought whole, and processed from scratch to create our range of 100+ personal care products. We use no pre-prepared bases, extracts or shortcuts while manufacturing our products.

Our consumers love our products for their honesty, Ayurvedic Authenticity, and commitment to the environment while being transformative in solving their problems.

If you have a specific question about  our products or want to know more about our work, e-mail one of the co-founders at srinivas@krya.in