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7 Ayurvedic productivity tools – On World Productivity Day

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This post was last updated on August 12, 2021 by Preethi Sukumaran

It is my cherished belief that Ayurveda, the science of health, well being and longevity, continues to be relevant today, despite the many quick fixes, short cuts and pills that are easily available to us. This is a science that is as old as our culture, and has stood the test of time for the last 5000 plus years, UNTIL the last hundred odd years in India.
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Ayurveda has been able to hold its own and learn from and absorb the learnings from so many different cultures which have come into India, learned from our sciences and added back to our learnings. So what we have is a vast body of medical knowledge that spans different aspects of life from daily care of ourselves, the care of women and children, the science of anti aging, surgery, etc. What is left of Ayurveda in our country is only a remnant of a remnant – due to neglect, lack of pride and understanding in our ancient medicine, and because of the dissipation of traditional home medicine and knowledge of herbs. Still, this remnant of a remnant, when practiced everyday and diligently helps bring us to preventive health care.
I have mentioned that all the Acharyas record that only 15% of diseases require the assistance of a Vaidya. Most conditions that we are seeing today can be prevented by following the right diet, living well and managing the beginning symptoms with traditional home interventions.
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Most of us do not suffer from full fledged disease: rather, we suffer from the symptoms of a lack of balance. When we do not take action based on these warning signs, our condition progresses further until it becomes a full blown disease.
But today I am taking a step back from even these early warning signs of imbalance, and moving instead to having a useful and productive day. As an entrepreneur, I measure my output every single day, and cannot afford to have a single day where I perform less than par. This is where following the well laid down principles of Ayurveda help me get the most out of my day. Why I am speaking about productivity today? Today happens to be World Productivity Day. While you can measure and increase productivity by adopting software and productivity tools, I am looking at productivity the old fashioned way.
Does my body and brain work well, without needing stimulation, without any highs and lows, in a state of balance and steadiness to help me achieve my best work? How do I reach this state?
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Here are 7 Ayurvedic productivity tools to help you achieve a state of laser sharp focus, precision along with an even positive temper:

  1. Understand your body’s capacity to absorb food and eat only as per this capacity
    1. This changes as per season, health and mood
    2. You cannot understand this if you are eating unconsciously, having an animated discussion while eating or eating while watching television
  2. blog post 4 - focus on your foodEat only upto 85% of your capacity at any given meal
    1. Food “expands” when it is being digested, so you will always feel “full” about 10 minutes after you have finished eating
    2. Food requires space (Akash) to move, circulate and get digested. If your stomach is full of solid matter, there is no “Akash” for your food to get assimilated
  3. Stop eating atleast 2.5 hours before you go to sleep
    1. This ensures your food is well digested before you go to sleep
    2. This ensures that when you sleep, your body gets better rest because it is not busy in digestion
    3. This also ensures that your food is well assimilated and waste is thrown out well the next morning
  4. Give your body time to wake up and assimilate the day before plunging into activity. Avoid mental stimulation and talk for atleast an hour after waking up
  5. blog post 5 - ease into the dayYour body requires daily asana (yoga) practice to stay in shape and assist all bodily functions. Even a 15 minute practice every day is a huge help.
  6. Do an abhyanga every single day – if not atleast twice a week. The abhyanga strongly balances all doshas, and allows the removal of excess vata dosha and pitta dosha. This helps keep your mind sharp, focussed, clear and even.
  7. blog post 6- abhyangaCultivate evenness of expectation and living. Seeking balance in health involves living a balanced life. Give yourself time to achieve your goals and tae on only reasonable targets. Always be holistic about your decisions and do not sacrifice the long term for the short term.

The above 7 Ayurvedic productivity tools are simply a tiny fraction of the wealth and wisdom available in Ayurveda. Life philosophy forms a large part of Ayurveda where the texts force us to really look within and understand who we are and what makes us tick.
A happy world productivity day to you from us at Krya. Remember: In Balance lies the Key.

Preethi Sukumaran

Preethi Sukumaran

Preethi is deeply committed to the formal study and application of the timeless principles of right living as laid down in the Ayurvedic canon. At Krya, her synthesis of ayurvedic principles with botanical expertise drives R&D & Product development. We have over 100 proprietary formulations in the market today which are trusted and loved by our consumers. Preethi is also deeply passionate about building Krya based on the Indic principle that Dharma leads to Artha ; we call this "Dharmic Entrepreneurship". She works with the Krya team on establishing Krya as one of the most trusted wellness brands in the categories we operate in.

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