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Why I love what we do @ Krya

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Yesterday was a big day at Krya.
We put in the finishing touches to the wireframe of the new website. (The wireframe is the backbone of the website. It contains the layout of the website, the navigation, colour schemes and also sets the style guide for the way people interact with the website).
We finalised our packaging design and placed our first order. We spent more than 6 months with the design of the pack, and it has now crossed the rubicon from being an idea in our head to something that’s actually going to be printed.
I’ve been trying to get in touch with M.B Nirmal, who founded Exnora International for some time now. I’m a big fan of his work, and have used many of the ideas he’s suggested to conserve water at home. I was finally able to get an appointment to meet him next week and am pretty thrilled about it – will post further details of our meeting next week.
I got to meet an old friend from work days. She had come down from the U.S, where she now lives for another friend’s wedding. Her class decided to make this a mini-reunion, so 14 of them flew in for their friend’s wedding.
So Srini & I ended up meeting a lot of people from MICA, and got to share what we were doing at Krya.
I love that Krya appeals to everyone I talk to. Everyone wants to know more, asks a lot of questions, and most meets end with email addresses exchanged with a promise extracted to send across links to the website and more information about our sustainable goodies.
I leave these meetings feeling like a newly charged battery. I get to understand sustainability and why it is critical from many different points of view, and our experiments often inspire people to change / look at some part of their lives.
This is the sort of work day everyone dreams of having.
Creative, multi-faceted work, getting to meet inspirational people and the chance to soak in to positive energy from everyone you meet.
& that’s why I love what we do at Krya.

srinivas krishnaswamy

srinivas krishnaswamy

Srinivas is Krya's Co-Founder. He brings in a unique perspective to Krya with his dual Masters in Physics & Management. At Krya, Srinivas is motivated by the challenges of crafting the company's DNA - products that delight consumers, manufacturing excellence, a winning team and sustainable profitable growth. He is deeply committed to defining the first principles of Dharmic Entrepreneurship in order to build a world class organisation rooted in Indian Knowledge Systems.

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0 thoughts on “Why I love what we do @ Krya

  1. Hey, good to see krya online! Will try and catch you guys the next time i am in Chennai!

    1. Hey Alok,
      Great to see on our blog as well. Would love to catch up when you are here – its been too long!

  2. Hi,
    Please add an archives widget to the blog. Am trying to search for an earlier post and am having to keep pressing ‘previous post’ and then scrolling down pages.

    1. zen
      the archives widget has been added.
      thx for pointing out

  3. Hey -you write very well. Wish you all the best and i am sure you will do very well with this venture.

    1. Thank you Pooja. I’m thrilled you think so, and thank you for the positive energy.

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