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The fruit that is a loofah

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Apparently fruits are a lot more than sweet fleshy treats. We have written extensively about our friendly fruit that’s a detergent.
Today while haunting a country drug store* I came across a sponge like product that looked like a loofah. Naturally I assumed that it was made of nylon or some of its cousins, but Preethi pointed out that it was a dried fruit. That’s just amazing. The dried fruit happens to be a thurai or ridge gourd.
luffa aegyptiaca Luffa_sponge
The process of making a loofah from a fruit is so elegant, that I felt it deserves a post.
The fruit is skinned, some seeds removed & the leftover xylem is sun dried to get a spongy, natural loofah. The end product is very fancy, complex looking and would be extremely difficult to manufacture and not nearly safe or effective.
1. Of course people have known about this fruit that’s a loofah since the dawn of time. The etymology of the word loofah lies in the Arabic name for the fruit, luffa aegyptiaca.
2. The country drug store is in the heart of the city, sells a weird assortment of herbs, powders and loofahs and does not deal in hallucinogens.

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  1. Next time I buy turai to eat, am going to skin, de-seed and dry some.
    Am going to haunt your blog and disbelieve everything written here if I do not get a nice loofah out of it.

    1. 🙂
      Or you could just ask us for one?

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