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A sustainable business card

Srini and I have been business card-less for the last 2 years. Printing a business card is not very environmentally friendly for some reasons. When

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The R4 philosophy

Do I have to work hard to be sustainable? This is the question that people have been asking since the dawn of time or in

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The fruit that is a loofah

Apparently fruits are a lot more than sweet fleshy treats. We have written extensively about our friendly fruit that’s a detergent. Today while haunting a

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Radical transparency

We noticed something strange in detergent labelling today. None of the detergent brands available in the local supermarket declare the ingredients or at least the

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Trendspotting 2011.

It is always a good time to be trendspotting but the first week of the New Year is the best. I came across this useful

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What we do @ Krya

We’ve taken our time over describing what we do. The first time we encountered this was while incorporating our company. (Srini’s post yesterday talked about

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