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Krya Classic Face Mask - Clarifying , Skin Nourishing & Skin Smoothening.


Krya Moisture Plus Face Mask with Rosehips & Orange flower- Soothing, Skin repairing, healing

Krya Anti Acne Face Mask - cooling, pitta reducing, blemish lightening

Quick Overview

Ayurveda and Acne:

  • Pitta dosha controls vision, digestion, heat, hunger, thirst, cheerfulness and intellect – it is an extremely important dosha for skin as it controls both the luster (tejas / glow) and softness of skin and the suppleness of the body. Kapha dosha controls the firmness and strength of skin, the moisture (oil) present in skin, smooth working of joints and stability of the body. 


  • By ensuring proper circulation of all nutrients through the body, involuntary actions like breath, walking and talking and removal and downward movement of the waste products of the dhatus, vata dosha helps to ensure the other 2 doshas act in unison to ensure skin looks at its best.


  • Acne is generally considered as a pitta – kapha disorder. 


The Krya anti acne system :

The Krya anti acne system works for both kind of acne, and comprises of the Krya anti acne face wash and the Krya anti acne face mask.  For best results we recommend use of both products. In the Krya anti-acne system, we have used herbs that have been classified into different categories depending upon their effect on skin.

 We use Rakta Shodhaka and Rakta Prasadhara herbs (blood purifying and blood soothing) – some of these herbs include Nimba (Neem) Manjistha, Thyme and Tulasi. Both when consumed and applied on skin, these herbs improve micro circulation, cleanse the srotas (minor channels) and imprve the functioning of skin. Both the Krya anti acne face wash and mask use a special medicated lentil decocotion which is pre soaked in Rakta shodana herbs , dried and then processed to improve this function.

 We also use several Kantivardhaka herbs which through different types of actions, improve complexion and luster in the skin. Some of these herbs help cool and soothe inflamed skin, and some of them help reduce scare and minor blemishes that arise from these eruptions on skin. These herbs include Daruharidra (Tree turmeric), Lodhra, Vetiver, Mint, Harida, etc. We also use certain fruits which are rich in nutritive value like Guava, Amla and mulberry to help the skin’s acid barrier function properly, improve skin moisturization and impart rich fruit acids to skin. 


The Krya anti-acne face mask: 

  •  The Krya Anti Acne Face mask has pitta calming, anti-bacterial and blemish-lightening properties and has been designed to cool, reduce pitta, lighten blemishes and balance oil secretion of acne and blemish prone skin. 


  • The Krya Anti Acne Face Mask is made from a well researched combination of 31 skin nourishing ingredients. We use a combination of traditional and new age ingredients that help acne prone skin. The traditional ingredients used, have been mentioned in Ayurveda and Siddha as being helpful for acne prone skin like Daruharidra (Tree Turmeric), Karunjiraka, Lodhra, Bitter gourd & Vetiver. We also use new age ingredients that are excellent for pitta prone skin like Guava fruit & Liquorice which are high in AHAs and are known to even out skin tone and moisturize skin.  Along with these herbs, the Krya Anti acne face mask also uses our special medicated mung beans which have been steeped in special herb decoctions to enhance their skin potency


  • All of Krya’s products use only forest collected or organically grown grains, lentils and herbs, and contain absolutely no synthetics.


  • A common synthetic chemical used in washes and masks meant for acne prone skin and it is a keratolytic (skin peeling ) agent used to treat conditions like acne, warts, and other skin conditions like psoriasis.  However salicylic acid comes with several side effects - in the very least it can cause reddening, and excess warmth in your skin and dry out the external layers. In people who are very allergic to this chemical, it can cause fainting spells, breathing difficulty, hives and swelling of the entire facial area. 


  • The Krya Anti acne Face Mask is a non-foaming, soap-free, SLS-free,  SLeS-free, Paraben-free, Phthlate-free, synthetic colours and fragrance free, PEG-free , hydroquinone-free, petroleum free product. We are a PeTA certified Cruelty-free & Vegan company.


  • This is a 100 gm pack. It will give you 8 – 10 masks. Use as per instructions given below.

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  1. Made from a researched and tested formulation that contains 29 organically grown and forest collected fruits, vegetables and lentils and herbs including Medicated Mung beans, Bitter gourd, Arjuna bark , Daru haridra, Mint & Guava fruit.
  2. The herbs used in this formulation have a natural pitta reducing, skin soothing , anti bacterial and blemish lightening action. Your skin will feel less irritable, refreshed and brighter immediately after washing off.
  3.  Is made from plants and NOT petroleum
  4.  Is FREE from potentially carcinogenic and suspect ingredients like SLS, SLES, parabens and fragrances
  5. Is made fresh at the Krya eco-factory where the ingredients are sorted, carefully cleaned, pre-processed, sun dried and harmoniously manufactured.


  1. Formulated as a nourishing aid to acne prone skin.
  2. Leaves skin feeling calm and well cared for. Will not irritate sensitive skin.
  3. Completely free from toxics and synthetics.
  4. Biodegradable and compostable product
  5.  Grey water emanating after using this product is readily recyclable


 Complete List of Ingredients:
  1. Certified Organic - Himalayan adzuki bean, East Indian arrowroot, Himalayan turmeric, Krishna tulsi, Bitter gourd, Indian Madder, Sweet Lime, Rose petal, India liquorice, Moringa, ashwagandha
  2. Organic but not certified – Green gram, Bengal Kala Bhat (Black rice), Proso millet, Coriander seeds, Guava fruit
  3.  Forest collected - Tree turmeric, Arjuna bark, Indian gooseberry, Belleric myrobalan, Chebulic myrobalan, South Indian soapberry,  Zeodary, Kalmegh, Karunjiraka, Lodhra, Orange peel, Vetiver, Indian sarsaparilla, Guggul resin, Sweetflag

How to Use:

  • Wash face well with the Krya anti acne face wash
  • Make a thick paste with 1- 1.5 tablespoons of the Krya Anti Acne Face mask powder mixed in cool water or good quality pesticide - free Rose Water, and mix the product well without any lumps.  Apply as a thick mask on cleansed skin on the face and the neck, avoiding the delicate eye area. 
  • Rinse off the mask after 15 – 20 minutes with cool water, when it is still moist – do not allow to dry out completely on skin. 
  • Pat dry with a soft towel.
  • Repeat once a week for best results.


Working with acne prone skin:

Acne is generally considered as a pitta – kapha disorder. Acne which is primarily caused by pitta vitiation vitiates with the intake of hot, pungent, sharp, salty and sour food, when food is improperly digested, with over exposure to the sun. This kind of acne / rash can occur all over the body and usually forms very quickly – it can equally subside very quickly when the right herbs are used on it. This kind of swelling / rash is hot to touch, may have a burning sensation and is generally reddish, pinkish, and soft. This kind of swelling does not contain pus or any liquid in the rash. Prickly heat, heat rashes, acne around the time of your periods (as menstrual blood is generally pitta in nature), any swelling which follows the above description is a pitta based skin swelling.

 Pitta based acne is brought on with an indulgence in salty and sour food – Chinese food tends to bring this on, especially if you are eating this around your periods. Also, travelling in the hot sun (perhaps after eating Chinese food), exercising around midday or when it is very hot, pollution, high humidity, etc.


Acne can also be formed by Kapha vitiation – this kind of swelling is usually brought on by eating heavy, sweet, cold and oily food. Certain kapha promoting habits like sleeping for long hours, day sleep and a general lack of exercise can also bring on kapha based acne.  This kind of acne, like the nature of kapha is slow to form and subsides also slowly. The swelling is pale, oily looking, smooth, thick and white – this is the kind of acne people love picking as it is tolerant to touch. 

Kapha based acne usually comes on after festivals when you have indulged in sweet and oily food. This is also quite prelevant in teenage, where sebum production is already high and when the teen in question has been indulging in chocolates and fries.

Diet modifications for Pitta based acne:

  • Cut down / drastically reduce sour, salty and spicy food
  • .
  • Reduction in tamariind, green and red chillies and excessively salty food like pickles, preserves, and fermented foods like idly, dosa, uttapam helps this acne subside
  • .
  • Addition of milk and ghee helps cool this acne - 

Special points on consumption of dairy:

  • Milk
    • Source: Milk, if drunk, must be good quality, native cow's milk from a grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free , well treated cow.  
    • Properties: Milk is considered sweet, nourishing, mucous forming and heavy to digest in Ayurveda
    • How and when to drink milk: Please drink milk warm, unsweetened and on an empty stomach. Ensure it is completely digested before your next meal. It is preferably drunk in the day and not in the evening / night. Do not add any additives like malted food drinks to milk as it makes milk even more hard to digest and increases ama (toxins)in the body due to improper food combination.


  • Ghee 
    • Source: Only from good quality, native cow that is grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free and well treated 
    • Properties: tridoshic, improves digestive fire, sookshma (pentrates minutely) 
    • How and when to consume ghee: Ghee must be consumed only in liquified state. If eaten as a solid, it can increase kapha and block the srotas. Depending upon the age and health of the person, ghee can be added in small quantities to all meals. If you have special conditions like Cholestrol, BP, please consult your doctor.


  • Curd:
    • Most Ayurvedic texts share the common belief that Curd is not advisable for general consumption. This is because it incerases pitta and kapha and is generally too heavy to digest properly. It is also considered abhishyanadi - penetrates minutely and forms a slimy coating over the cell surface hindering their normal action.
    • It is not advised in pitta related conditions like acne, hair greying, hair fall and dandruff. Also in health conditions like diabetes, psoriasis, arthritis and pregnancy.
    • We generally advise complete elimination of curd for good skin, hair and health  
    • Only buttermilk is advisable for consumption from freshly set, good set, good quality curd which is not sour. The curd should be sourced from high quality Milk as described above.


  • Buttermilk
    • Buttermilk can be consumed in limited amounts only from freshly set curd as given above.
    • Buttermilk, contrary to popular notion, is not cooling. It stimulates the appetitie and increases pitta. Therefore, it is best avoided in pitta conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema, hair greying, hairfall, etc
    • An exception can be made in cold conditions alone.
    • If it is to be drunk, buttermilk should be consumed in the daylight alone.
    • Preparation of ayurvedic buttermilk: Churn freshly set non-sour curd with equal quantity of water at slow speed in the mixie until butter separates. Separate the butter and use as required. The balance buttermilk can be spiced with roasted jeera, rock salt and small quantites of ginger, black pepper and curry leaves and used as buttermilk. Restrictions as given above apply.
  1. Love the GLOW ! review by Nayantara on 5/27/17

    After trying/flirting with innumerable masks finally i've found the one that is everything i wanted in a MASK - ease of usage and delivery of benefits as promised :-) I've been using this mask for past 3months atleast 3-4 times a week - the aftereffects have been phenomenal ! I earlier used to use BB cream which i've now completely given up from past one month thanks to this mask. The Immediate Glow that you get post use is something that i so look forward to seeing on my face in the mirror ;-) & the best thing the glow sustains
    Thank you KRYA for this amazing mask !

  2. in love with this product review by sumeet on 5/18/17

    thanku so much for making this product ... i had been using this for three months and results are great along with anti acne face wash also....your products actually completes its promise and i loved that.. it was my first order and now i think i'm gonna be a regular customer of krya ... packaging and everything is perfect...thank you soo much for making it

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Q: I had very severe acne problem which I think is due to "kapha disorder". I have been using your anti-acne face wash and mask for almost a month now. The occurrence of acne have completely stopped and my skin is almost smooth. But I have dark reddish acne scars all over my face and I don't see much improvements on this scars. Do you have any suggestions to get rid of this scars? Please let me know.

Posted On: 5/9/18 By: Lavanya S

A: The best option is to use the classic skin oil daily , along with the anti-acne facewash and mask - to help you remove the scars as well. the classic skin oil can be applied at night on clean skin or in the morning before bath
Q: I had very severe acne problem which I think is due to "kapha disorder". I have been using your anti-acne face wash and mask for almost a month now. The occurrence of acne have completely stopped and my skin is almost smooth. But I have dark reddish acne scars all over my face and I don't see much improvements on this scars. Do you have any suggestions to get rid of this scars? Please let me know.

Posted On: 5/9/18 By: Lavanya S

A: Hi Lavanya, Please add the Krya Classic skin oil to your existing routine as follows: Classic skin oil (2 - 3 drops only) to be applied 30 minutes before bedtime on skin which has been washed with krya anti acne face wash and is damp and not wet. This will help with the Acne scars and blemishes.