Hair Colour support

Our epiphany to start on the path that led to Krya came one day when Preethi (our co-founder) examined her severely colour damaged hair under the microscope and understood the high extent of damage synthetic colouring had wrought on her hair.


Hair damage appears to be here to stay today. With premature greying and hair experimentation on the rise, we are seeing hair damage much faster at Krya. Apart form hair damage which is a cosmetic worry, synthetic hair colours and dyes come with far more potent and possibly carcionegenic efefcts. In fact a paper published by the Royal society of Chemistry speculated that if PPD (the key constituent of all synthetic hair colours and dyes) were to be invented today, it would not be permitted for use in the coemtics industry due to its high toxicity and potential side effects. 


We have been working on providing a set of safe natural colours over 2 years now on Krya. Our research took us across Ayurveda, Siddha and Herbalism and we reseached, studied and experimented with many plants and understood how natural dyes worked on human hair. Natural dyes work much differetly on human hair compared to syntehtic hair yes. For one, their dyeing process is gentler and the colour develops over a much longer time. The secodn is that natural dyes adhere to the outer cuticle of the hair and do not penetrate the hair cortex like synthetic dyes do. 


These differences and the herbs that are used in natural hair colours means that the hair dyeing process transcends merely providing colour and the natural hair colour becomes a nourishing and protective mask for the hair. To support this process,we have desined natural hair colour support products for your hair. These products like our creamy colour mask and our colour hair oil work with your scalp and hair to nourish, strengthen and heal it, giving you not just the colour but also the hair texture, growth and stregnth you have always looked for in your hair.


Please read each individual product page for how you can use each of these colour support products . As with all Krya products, the Krya colour support products are also synthetic and preservative free, made from whole plants, and oils, and are vegan and cruelty free.