Krya Intense Hair Wash with Liquorice & Moringa

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Ayurveda terms severe hairfall as "Indralupta" - a condition where there is sudden and extreme shedding of hair and the normal pattern of growth of hair is also restricted. The causes of this kind of sudden hairfall are many and could include shock, extreme grief, damaging chemical treatments, a sudden change in diet or lifestyle and illnesses.

In many cases, the body is able to heal and reverse this condition by itself with time, the right diet and a positive attitude. This is the case for Indralupta brought on by shock, grief, high stress, damaging chemical treatments and a sudden change in diet and lifestyle. In most cases, the reason for Hair problems is a simple imbalance. This does not need an advanced or specialised system and the body responds very quickly to the diet and lifestyle and product changes to give you good results.

However, for sudden hairfall brought on by long term illness, surgery or high medication, the body struggles to heal itself. In this case, the body requires a little bit of assistance.

Who should buy the Krya Intense Hairfall system/ range of products ?

You should buy this range of products if you have:

  1. Sudden severe hairfall with high loss of volume - for example you can see a loss upwards of 15% in hair volume and this hair fall is sudden and intensive
  2. Extremely Slow hair growth - you can see this by length that remains static without growth and visible thinning or bald patches
  3. Week rooted hair that falls easily when washed, tugged , combed or brushed. You will be able to see the hair bulb as a white bulb at the root of the hair when it falls.

and this hairfall can be traced to the following:

  1. Long term illness like TB, Auto Immune disorders, PCOD
  2. Surgery
  3. Invasive and Intensive therapy like radiation therapy, Chemotherapy, Prescription steroids, etc. 

Synthetic shampoos worsen severe hairfall

Synthetic shampoos contain a potent cocktail of cheap degreasing detergents, thickeners, fragrances , paraben based preservatives and lots of water – this potent cocktail is responsible for stripping hair of its natural sebum, damaging your hair’s cuticular structure, further slowing down hair growth and weakening hair.

Try the new Krya Intense hairwash 

The Krya Intense hairwash is an Ayurveda inspired natural formulation to very gentle cleanse extremely week rooted hair that is going through severe hairfall. This hairwash has been formulated differently from Krya's other hairwashes. It is extremely fine, gentle on hair and ensures that hair is cleansed extremely mildly and conditioned throughly. 

As recommended by Ayurveda, the Krya Intense hairwash is best used along with a regular oiling regimen using the specially formulated Krya Intense hair oil. We also recommend regular use of the Krya Intense hair mask, formulated with growth promoting and scalp health enhancing herbs for more complete results. All these 3 products are available together at a discounted price in the Krya Intense Hairfall Growth promoting system.

Other recommended regimes for encouraging overall health and hair health

We strongly recommend a regular abhyanga for good body health and hair health. A regular abhyanga detoxifies the body, balances the doshas , and improves skin and hair health dramatically. An abhyanga is recommended to be done on Tuesdays and Fridays for Women and on Wednesdays & Saturdays for Men. 

The Krya Abhyanga Oil can be used for Abyanga for adults and the Krya ubtans should be used post abhyanga to wash off the excess oil, and clean the skin extremely well. An abhyanga is best combined with a hair oiling and wash.  

Sizing & Number of Uses per pack

This is a 100 gm pack. This pack will last for 7 – 10 washes depending upon the length of the hair. This is a cruelty free and vegan product – uses only plants and not any animal derived ingredients.

Krya Intense Hair Wash with Liquorice & Moringa

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The Krya Intense hairwash has been carefully researched and formulated for extremely severe hairfall that can be traced to long term illneses, use of intensive medication to treat the illnesses and certain kinds of therapy like radiation therapy and chemotherapy. This range of products is also recommended for PCOD, and PCOS related severe hairfall. Synthetic shampoos weaken hair that is severely stressed, thin it further, impair hair growth and make the existing hair dry, rough, brittle and prone to split ends. 

The Krya Intense hairwash has been formulated using organically grown grains and lentils and forest collected , renowned ayurvedic herbs. This not only helps improve our products efficacy but also helps us stay true to our principle of being a truly environmentally sustainable company.


We process each herb separately in order to retain its unique nutrient benefits. A batch of Krya Intense hair wash takes a week to clean, cure, separately process and blend before it reaches you. The Krya Intense Hairwash is a uniquely natural formulation – we use ONLY herbs to make this formulation and every single ingredient has been declared on the website. There are no other synthetic builders, fillers, colours, surfactants, silicones , preservatives  or fragrances that have been added to the product. Every single ingredient comes from some part of a plant and has been minimally manufactured to retain its nutrients.

The Krya Intense hairwash in addition contains 2 special types of medicated lentils that have been processed in a special medicated herb decocotion. 


Complete List of Ingredients:

Organic Ingredients: Green gram, Black gram, Heritage rice, Heritage Fenugreek, Moringa Leaf, Yellow Eclipta, Curry Leaf, Balloon Vine plant, Medicated lentil base (2 types), Albizia leaf

Wild crafted (Forest collected) : Shikakai, Soapberry (Himalayan & South Indian), Madder, Henna, Indian gooseberry, Hibiscus flower, Hibiscus leaf, Indian Liquorice, Neem


Ensure your hair is well oiled before washing it.  - We recommend using the Krya Intense Hair Oil.
  1. Make a mildly thick paste with the Krya Intense hairwash - it should look like runny dosa / pancake batter and should drip from your hand.
  2. Wet your hair extremely well. Takes 3 - 4 mugs of water to do this for shoulder length hair. Synthetic shampoos containing wetting agents, so you can actually use the shampoo almost directly on hair without too much wetting. With a natural hairwash like ours, the hair has to be completely wet - hair tends to swell when fully wet, which makes efficient washing easier.
  3. Apply the paste in sections all over the scalp first. Once you have covered the whole scalp concentrate on the hair length. It is not important to thoroughly scrub hair length but it is important to cover scalp and head well as this is the source of dirt, oil and dandruff.
  4. If you have oiled your hair, the paste will not have any foam the first time. The product foams only when excess oil and dirt have been removed from your scalp and hair. If you have oiled your hair heavily, please use the product twice. If you have cleaned well the first time, you should see foam during the second application - you can make the paste much more runny for the second time.
  5. Rinse well in cool water (as cold as you can manage). This seals the hair shaft well - hot water breaks open the hair shaft and fries it (hair is a protein like an egg, so heat cooks it). Use your hand shower or your hands to gentle guide the product from your scalp / head down the length of your hair and out. At this stage, unlike a synthetic shampoo, your hair will NOT feel thick, conditioned or synthetically smooth. 
  6. Towel / air dry your hair. Do not rub vigorously. Do not comb when wet.
  7. Once dry, your hair should feel light, clean, without any static. Your scalp should feel soothed and not itchy. as mentioned, your hair should still feel clean 1 / 2 days after washing -and your need to wash should reduce.
Some differences you should expect from the Krya Intense hairwash:
  1. If you do not rinse thoroughly, you may have some product residue in the hair. This falls out during combing / drying and will do no harm to your hair.
    • Why this occurs: We have a few constraints when designing our hairwash. we use whole powdered herbs as traditional medicine (and our experience) tells that that this conserves the nutrient properties of the herbs extremely well. But this means that this is a non-dissolving product, which means that there will be some amount of residue still left over if not rinsed out properly. This rinsing process is a habit - it takes a few tries and usually our consumers get the hang of it over 4 - 5 washes. 
  2. Your hair will feel different compared to using a synthetic shampoo+conditioner after a wash - Synthetic shampoos are designed with hair coating agents like silicones to mask the damage done to the cuticular structure. The SLS / SLeS in the shampoo tends to break the cuticular scales -so if you examine shampooed hair under a microscope it will have a serrated edge and not a smooth appearance. This weakens hair structure and causes it to break easily and go dry. The silicone "conditioning" agents in the shampoo add a thin layer on top of this broken cuticular structure - so when you run your hand through hairit appears to be smooth. However, this silicone does not penetrate or repair hair - it simply adds a layer on top of hair, so the hair is still structurally weak.
  3. How your hair will feel after a Krya wash: Your hair should feel clean, light, not weighed down, yet should have no static when you comb it. Most importantly your scalp should feel cool, soothed and not itchy after you wash. Also, your hair should not get greasy quickly after a wash and you should be able to go longer without having to wash your hair when you use the Krya hairwash. This is a sign that the hair's sebum ecosystem is in balance.