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  • Krya Toddler Body Wash Powder ( 1 -3 Years ) - For Sensitive Skin with Grapefruit & Gotu kola Krya Toddler Body Wash Powder ( 1 -3 Years ) - For Sensitive Skin with Grapefruit & Gotu kola

Krya Refreshing Kids Hair-Wash ( 100 gm )


Krya Toddler Body Wash Powder ( 1- 3 years) - 200 gm

Krya Toddler Body Wash Powder ( 1 -3 Years ) - For Sensitive Skin with Grapefruit & Gotu kola

Quick Overview

Are you frustrated with the chemical-loaded baby care that could be harming your toddler's skin  ? Does your toddler suffer from dry , irritable or itchy skin ?

Introducing the new, Krya Toddler Baby Body Wash Powder  ( 1 - 3 years) for Sensitive Skin.

Formulated with the needs of sensitive skin , this fragrant body wash is a perfect replacement to synthetic soaps, bodywashes and other synthetic bath products for your baby.

The  Krya Toddler Baby Body Wash Powder - for Sensitive Skin  contains carefully selected  skin soothing herbs. The herbs have especially been chosen for their  properties according to Indian traditional medicine. Every herb has been cleaned and processed at the right temperature to retain both its nutrient and aromatic properties.

The formulation is a soap free, SLS & SLES free, Paraben free, and synthetic free skin care product. The  Krya Toddler Baby Body Wash Powder - for Sensitive Skin contains no artificial fragrances, colours, fillers, thickeners or preservatives.

All Krya products are Cruelty  free and vegan. Price includes free delivery anywhere in India and all taxes.

This is a 200 gm pack

This body wash powder is formulated for daily use. Replaces any harsh soap or synthetic shower gel.

 This is a unisex formulation and can be used for toddlers in the age 1- 3 years.


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This is a special Krya custom formulation for toddlers with very sensitive skin. We have designed this product for both boys and girls between 1- 3 years.


  • This soothing body wash powder has been custom formulated for toddlers with very sensitive skin. If your baby's skin is easily irritated or inflamed , or feels dry and itchy often, then choose the new Krya Toddler Body Wash for Sensitive Skin with Grapefruit & Gotu kola .
  • This product is also recommended for skin that is prone to eczema, contact dermatitis and psoriasis. If your child has these conditions, please consult a reputed Ayurvedic vaidya who can help with internal medications and the diet changes necessary to control these skin conditions.
  • Made with Ayurvedic herbs chosen for their ability to cleanse skin without irritating it, soothe skin and help skin retain its moisture.
  • Is made from plants and NOT petroleum
  • Is a soap-free, SLS , SLeS & ALS free, paraben-free, fragrance free and synthetics free formulation
  • Is made fresh in our facility where the ingredients are sorted, carefully cleaned, shade dried at the right temperature and harmoniously processed.


  • Designed to gently cleanse and soothe sensitive skin
  • Does not irritate skin or strip skin of moisture
  • Leaves your toddler’s skin  smelling fragrant and feeling well cared for after every bath.
  • Biodegradable and compostable product
  • Grey water emanating from using this product is readily recyclable
  • Non toxic, safe, plant based ingredients that are inspired by traditional systems of Indian medicine. 

Complete List of Ingredients:

  • Certified Organic - East Indian Arrowroot
  • Organic but not certified – Gotu kola, Himalayan Turmeric, Grapefruit, Mung bean, Neem leaf, Rose petals, Vana Tulasi, Krishna Tulasi, Rama Tulasi, Indian Gooseberry, Himalayan Navrangi bean
  • Wild crafted (forest collected)-  Psoralea seeds, Sweet flag, Aromatic turmeric, Belleric myrobalan, Chebulic myrobalan, Indian Liquorice, Ashwagandha, Indian Sarsaparilla, Manjishta

The Krya toddler Sensitive Bodywash is superior to a synthetic, foaming soap or bodywash

Synthetic soaps and foaming bodywashes are not good for any kind of skin. They are especially harmful for children with dry skin or sensitive skin conditions as they rapidly suck away moisture from the top layers of skin. They also alter skin’s pH and destroy skin’s friendly microbiota colony. Therefore your child’s sensitive skin feels dry, irritable, itchy and is constantly bothering and irritating your child.

How to use the Krya Toddler Bodywash for Sensitive skin

The Krya Toddler bodywash for Sensitive skin is an authentic ayurvedic ubtan that is made from carefully chosen lentils, grains and ayurvedic herbs. This combination helps restore skin’s health, encourages the growth of friendly bacterial colonies on skin, cleanses skin without irritating or drying it. It also naturally deep cleanses the minor Srotas of skin.

This means that skin is clean and free to do its normal work. This also means that the body feels naturally fresh, fragrant and de-odorised.

Take 2 .5– 3 tablespoons of the Krya Kids Ubtan in a clean bowl. Add some water to make this into a smooth, thick and creamy paste with a consistency like thick idli batter (thinner than face wash). The consistency should be such that it flows smoothly on your child’s skin and is easy to rub across wet skin without dragging on skin or being too watery.

Wet your child’s skin well. Sensitive skin should be bathed with lukewarm water only and NOT HOT WATER or COLD WATER. On thoroughly wet skin, apply the Krya Kids ubtan creamy paste in gentle circular motions all over the body. Avoid private parts.

On extremely dry areas, pat the paste on and DO not rub or use circular motions. As you continue using this product, examine your child’s diet for possible allergens, and use one of the Krya baby oils for pre-bath nourishment, these dry patches should start coming down. After a minute, rinse off the product using luke warm water. With consistent use, your child’s skin should improve in health. It should feel clean, soft and nourished with a mild, natural fragrance. As toddlers begin to develop the sweat glands, you should see your child perspiring healthily.

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Q: for a child of 5 years, should this body wash powder be used or that for adults

Posted On: 7/19/18 By: rajalakshmi P

A: Does your 5 year old have sensitive skin ? if so ,choose this product. Else choose the Krya kids body-wash , which is for the 3+ age group.