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Krya Soothing Toddler Hair-Wash ( 100 gm)


Krya Toddler Body Wash Powder ( 1 -3 Years ) - For Sensitive Skin with Grapefruit & Gotu kola

Krya Refreshing Kids Hair-Wash ( 100 gm )

Quick Overview

Worried everytime your wash your child’s hair with a synthetic shampoo? Is your “gentle shampoo” smelling too full of synthetic chemicals ? Concerned about the toxic load on your child’s skin and hair?

Try the new Krya refreshing herb hairwash for kids. Our refreshing herb hair wash powder with Lemongrass & Indian Red Shoeflower is a wonderful natural alternative to your active child’s tender hair and scalp.

We have designed this non-foaming hair wash powder to gently cleanse your child’s hair and scalp without stripping it of essential oils or moisture.

The Krya refreshing herb hairwash powder for kids,  uses a mixture of nourishing, soothing and cleansing grains, lentils and herbs mentioned in traditional medicine for offering superior cleansing without irritating skin or hair. The herbs used have been carefully chosen for their strengthening and warming properties and are very safe for tender skin. Every grain, lentil and herb has been carefully cleaned, dried at the right temperature and processed under low heat to retain its nutritional properties.

The formulation is a low-foaming, soap free, SLS & SLES free, Paraben free, and synthetic free, hair care product. The Krya refreshing herb hairwash for Kids, contains no artificial fragrances, colours, fillers, thickeners or preservatives. All Krya products are Cruelty  free and vegan. Price includes free delivery anywhere in India and all taxes.

 This is a 100 gm pack

 This refreshing herb hair wash powder is formulated for regular use. Replaces any synthetic shampoo. 

This is a unisex formulation and can be used for children above the age of 3 years.

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This product is carefully formulated and processed for tender hair and scalp. We have designed this product to be used by children above the age of 3 years.


  1. Made from a researched and tested formulation that contains 16 organically grown and forest collected lentils and herbs including Lemongrass, Palmarosa and Red Shoeflower leaf.
  2. The herbs used in this formulation have a natural conditioning and cleansing action on your child’s tender hair and scalp. Your child’s hair will be smooth and detangled after using the Krya refreshing herb hair wash powder. The scalp will not feel itchy or irritated.
  3.  Is made from plants and NOT petroleum
  4.  Is FREE from potentially carcinogenic and suspect ingredients like SLS, SLES, parabens and fragrances
  5.  Is made fresh in our facility where the ingredients are sorted, carefully cleaned, sun dried and harmoniously processed.

  1. Designed to gently cleanse, soothe and condition tender hair.
  2. Leaves your child’s hair feeling smooth,detangled and well cared for. Will not irritate scalp
  3. Completely free from toxics and synthetics.
  4. Biodegradable and compostable product
  5.  Grey water emanating from using this product is readily recyclable
  6.  Non toxic, safe, plant based ingredients that are inspired by traditional systems of Indian medicine. Can be used safely for children above the age of 3.


Complete List of Ingredients:

  1. Certified Organic –Lemongrass,  Indian Gooseberry, Palmarosa leaf
  2.  Organic but not certified – Heritage Navrangi bean,Heritage urad bean,  Shikakai pods, Albizia leaf, Moringa leaf, Red shoeflower leaf, Fenugreek, Curry Leaf
  3.  Wild crafted (forest collected) - Nutgrass, Soapberry, Chebulic myrobalan, Sweet flag



How to Use:

How the product has been designed:

This refreshing herb hairwash powder has been designed for childrens’ hair and scalp. At this age, the sweat glands are beginning to develop, so your child’s scalp and hair will become sweaty and dusty after active play. However, their hair shaft is still immature, so a shampoo has to be extremely mild and continue to condition hair so that essential oil and moisture is not stripped out.

Therefore this product has been designed as a low-foaming, high on conditioning, slightly lower on hard cleaning, product. Compared to the Krya soothing herb hair wash for Toddlers, this product offers higher cleansing properties as suited to this age of user. However the cleansing property is much lower than what we offer in our adult herb hair washes.

What to expect after using the product:

After using the product, your child’s hair should feel soft, well conditioned and should be easy to comb through without tangles. The scalp should be clean, should not smell of sweat but must continue to feel adequately moisturized and should not feel itchy.

Oiling advice:

Please use this product after a light oil application (if oil is being used). This product cannot cleanse moderate to heavy amounts of oil.

To use:

Make a thin-ish paste with warm water (not too hot, not to cold), and mix the product well without any lump formation. Comb your child’s hair first before washing it to ensure that there is no further tangling of hair during the wash. Use this paste to cleanse sections of your child’s scalp and hair.

Do not let the paste sit for too long, and rinse quickly. When rinsing use your palms to rub off the product from the scalp and rinse thoroughly so there is no residue left on your child’s scalp.

Will this irritate my child’s eyes:

The product contains a small amount of natural surfactants like soapberry and Shikakai which can be moderately irritating to the eyes. These surfactants have been introduced to aid cleansing of hair and scalp as children of this age often accumulate large amounts of sand, dust and sweat on hair and scalp due to active play.

Using products like ours is a learning process and it takes a few attempts for even adults to learn how to guard their eyes during hair wash. We have used these herbs in very small amounts, yet there is an odd chance that this could irritate certain children. Coach your child to keep his or her eyes closed as you wash off the product.

The product is completely non toxic and causes no damage even if it enters your child’s eyes. To reduce irritation if it enters the eyes, rinse your child’s eyes immediately in cold water.

The natural product learning curve :

Switching to completely natural products like ours comes with a learning curve. However, the benefits that accrue to your family’s health, the condition of your hair and skin and your general surroundings, more than makes up for this learning curve. Thank you again for supporting our work.


  1. No Tangles. Happy Mornings. review by Aditi Mahale on 1/4/17

    I started using the Krya Hair wash for kids for my daughter around 4 months ago. The hair wash does not only give her clean, shiny hair but it also ensures almost no tangles thru the week. Which means no battles with mom or crying while getting her hair combed everyday. Now she is so happy with it that she is completely hooked on and refuses to use any other shampoo. Thank you Krya for making mornings more peaceful. :)

  2. The Krya Refreshing Kids Hair wash is superb + review by Rebecca on 5/24/16

    The Krya Refreshing Kids Hair wash is superb. When I bought it, I thought I would have to still use a regular shampoo every now and then-just to get that satisfaction of a really clean hair wash. (We live in Goa, and the kids sweat a lot!)I was pleasantly surprised to see that it leaves my daughter's hair clean, silky and very shiny and I don't see the need to use shampoo ever again

  3. It's just amazing!! review by Sushmita on 4/19/16

    I have ordered for Krya hair wash for my son..it's just amazing!!
    His hair has become soft and shiny..he just loved it!!

  4. God bless the team! review by Parvathi T on 2/22/16

    I am using the hairwash for me and an ubtan and for my daughter the kids hairwash product....must say it leaves us so happy and satisfied after the bath that I cannot express. Thank you so much for Krya ! God bless the team!

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