Toddlers & Kids Haircare (1 + years)

Worried everytime your wash your child’s hair with a synthetic shampoo? Is your “gentle shampoo” smelling too full of synthetic chemicals ? Concerned about the toxic load on your child’s skin and hair?  With the proliferation of synthetic chemicals in the products we use on ourselves, the products used to clean our homes and the very food we eat, researchers are constantly discovering potential carcinogenic compounds , allergy triggers and substances that can trigger various skin allergies in breast milk and cord blood and even in human placenta.

Children's skin , scalp and hair is extremely under-developed compared to the skin and hair of adults – this means 2 things: One, it is extremely vulnerable and can be easily impacted by the use of harsh chemicals. But, the second fact to give us cheer is that it also is very quick at absorbing good things like herbs, and problems occurring at this stage can be corrected much quicker than with adults.


Krya hair care range for toddlers and kids:

We describe Krya's hair care range for toddlers and kids as a foundation range. We formulate these products to help nourish scalp and chair, correct any minor nutritional deficiencies in the scalp and set health giving practices like hair oiling which will go a long way in balancing your child's doshas. Our hair care products help reduce excess pitta and lay the foundation to good strong and healthy hair growth. 

The products are formulated on Ayurvedic principles which suggest the use of specific herbs like Brahmi in hair care products formulated for children. These herbs soothe brain and support the nervine system in the brain as it grows and accomodates the rapid changes in brain growth and stimuli that children are exposed to. Additionally, this is also an excellent hair care herb. 

For details of each individual product, how this much eb used for better results and the herbs that go into these products with their provenance, please read the individual produt pages. Krya's hair care products are the safest products you can find for your child. Our products (as all our other products) are made only from whole plants and not extracts, are synthetics and chemical free, are biodegradable and compostable and are vegan and cruelty free.